WATCH: What’s the Difference Between Ello & Facebook?

Is Ello A Viable Alternative To Facebook? – What’s New NowSocial network Ello was thrust into the spotlight as users flocked to it in response to Facebook’s restrictive “real name” policy. Is Ello the social networking alternative many of us have been waiting for? Join PCMag’s Max Eddy as he explains what Ello is and what challenges they face if they are going to compete…2014-09-25T16:18:22Z

Ello is a new social network that has some key advantages over Facebook. Learn how to use Ello and what makes it different from Facebook right here. In the video above from PC Mag, you can learn whether Ello is really a “viable alternative” to using Facebook.

Ello bills itself as a “simple, beautiful & ad-free” social network. In their site manifesto, Ello states that most social networks are driven by ads. Ello wants to be different, stating: “We believe a social network can be a tool for empowerment. Not a tool to deceive, coerce, and manipulate — but a place to connect, create, and celebrate life.” You can request an invitation to join Ello here.

Ello: Introduction, Walkthrough, And ReviewEllo is going big. In the past hour, they've grown by over 20,000 members. This is my introductory guide to Ello, what I like, what I dislike, and what you should know about the new social network. Ello-in-writing: My Ello Profile: Sorry for the awkward start to the video. Covered: Ello Invites How…2014-09-28T14:00:07Z

The video above will introduce you to the Ello interface, and give you a basic walkthrough of how to use this new social network.

Ello has already seen an early bump in new users. According to SF Weekly, there has been a recent “exodus” of Facebook users moving to Ello. This was due to Facebook’s “real name” policy for profiles, which was offensive to some members of the LGBT community. Facebook has since apologized for this policy. Earlier this year, Facebook donated $10,000 to a politician with anti-gay beliefs, causing an uproar among LGBT users of the social network.

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