WATCH: Apple Pay Glitch Affects Bank of America Customers

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Apple Pay has only been live for a few days, but this new mobile payment system is already under fire from some users. Check out the video report above, which outlines the issues some Bank of America customers have had with Apple Pay.

Some Bank of America users who used Apple Pay to complete transactions over the past few days have been accidentally double-charged. Mac Rumors reports that only about 1,000 users were affected, and Bank of America is working on a fix for this issue. It is believed that the cause of the double-charges is related to Bank of America’s relationship with at least one payment processor.

9to5Mac is reporting that there is another glitch in Apple Pay, unrelated to the Bank of America issue. Some users with Chase and Citi cards are seeing their card display incorrect designs in the Passbook interface.

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Check out the video above to see how Apple Pay works at a register. Apple Pay hit iOS devices as part of the updates in iOS 8.1, which launched earlier this week.

You can see a full list of Apple’s partners for Apple Pay on the Apple website. You can also check out our guide to the best places to shop using Apple Pay.

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