WATCH: How to Download Windows 10 Technical Preview

Curious about the Windows 10 Technical Preview? Here’s everything you need to know about how to download it, and how to find features you’ve missed. First, check out the video above to see just how easy it is to get your hands on this early version of Windows 10.

In the extended video above, you can get a hands-on look at the Windows 10 Technical Preview. Think of the video above as a guided tour to all the features and additions to Windows 10. The video features Windows 10 Technical Preview running on a multi-monitor desktop PC setup, so it is really easy to see all of the changes that have been made.

Still on the fence about whether you want to try out the Windows 10 Technical Preview? PC Mag put together the video above, which outlines everything that’s new and exciting in Windows 10. The video features software analyst Jill Duffy.

If you like what you see, you can look forward to the release of the full version of Windows 10 sometime next year. No official release date has been announced for Windows 10, but it will likely be ready in the spring or summer of next year.