Best Black Friday TV Deals 2014: 10 Best TV Sales

black friday tv deals

Black Friday is one of the best days to buy a new TV set. Big box stores often have great markdowns on HDTV sets on Black Friday. Looking for some great deals on TVs for Black Friday 2014? Here’s a roundup of some of the most notable Black Friday TV sales from America’s top retailers.

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1. SEARS: 60-Inch 3D Samsung TV for $1299.99

black friday tv deals

Sears has a bunch of Black Friday TV deals, and it’s hard to say which one is the most appealing. Sure, that 32-inch Upstart TV for under $170 seems pretty great, but we’re actually more excited about the whopping $900 in savings you get when you grab that 60-inch Samsung TV. It’s a pretty sweet deal for a 3D TV, and it comes with two pairs of glasses. Plus, Sears members get $200 back in points. It’s a nice TV, and Black Friday might be the right time to join the 3D TV revolution.

2. MEIJER: 29-Inch Phillips TV for $189

black friday tv deals

Meijer also has several Black Friday 2014 TV deals to choose from. As you can see from their ad above, there are multiple TV sets available for under $400. If you’re shopping for a secondary TV for a bedroom, kid’s room, or guest room, the 29-Inch Phillips TV for $189 is an option worth considering. However, this TV is probably a bit small to be your primary living room TV set.

3. BEST BUY: 55-Inch Samsung Smart TV for $997.99

black friday tv deals

Best Buy is offering a ton of Black Friday 2014 TV sales. Among them are these Samsung Smart TV sets. The sets are of various sizes, with the 55-inch model starting at $997.99. If you’re looking for a “smart” TV that also supports 3D video, this is a deal you should definitely have on your radar.

4. COSTCO: $50 Off Vizio 60-Inch Smart TV

black friday tv deals

Costco is known for cheap prices year round. So while $50 off a TV doesn’t sound all that impressive, it’s worth noting that Costco’s normal price for this TV is pretty low. Plus, it comes with smart features, and is of a good size to use for a primary living room TV set. This deal is available in the store, as well as online. However, customers are limited to just three of these Vizio TVs. Tech support and an extended warranty are included.

5. KOHL’S: 32-Inch TV for $99.99

black friday tv sales

A TV for under $100? While it may be on the small side, this is a cheap flat screen TV deal that is worth grabbing on Black Friday. Kohl’s may not be the first name to come to mind when you think of Black Friday deals, but that could change this year.

6. KMART: 50-Inch Sanyo LCD HDTV for $399.99

black friday tv deals

Kmart is selling this TV set for $100 off the usual price. There are no rain checks for this deal, and customers are limited to buying just two sets. If you want a big TV, this is a nice option to consider.

7. TARGET: Element 40” 1080p LED HDTV for $199

target black friday

Element isn’t exactly the most widely-known TV brand, but this is a hot price for a TV. Since it lacks the brand cachet of the bigger TV companies, you might want to consider using this TV as a secondary set, perhaps in your bedroom, kid’s room, or man cave. The refresh rate is a bit low at 60Hz, but this is still a pretty great price for a relatively large TV. Amazon appears to have the same model on sale, so you might want to check out the reviews. You might also want to peruse our post on the best cheap flat screen TVs.

8. BEST BUY: 55-inch Samsung UHD 4K TV for $899.99

best buy black friday

If you’re looking for a quality TV, this Best Buy deal is worth considering. The retail price is usually $1,999.99, and Best Buy normally sells this TV for $1,399.99. If you’ve been wanting to get a 4K set, Black Friday might be the right time to buy. If you plan to watch Netflix in 4K on your new TV, you should check out our guide to setting up 4K Netflix streaming.

9. WAL-MART: Samsung Smart TVs Starting at $248

black friday deals

Wal-Mart is offering a variety of Samsung Smart TVs during its Black Friday event. The screen sizes run from 60-inch to 32-inch models. Prices start as low as $248, and go up to $798. The only way you might beat those prices for the 32-inch model is to consider buying a used smart TV on Amazon.

10. BEST BUY: Panasonic 50-Inch LED HDTV for $199.99

best buy black friday deals

It’s big. It’s cheap. It’s a pretty typical Black Friday deal. If you’re still on the fence about this TV, read some of the customer reviews on the Best Buy site.

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