Black Friday at Best Buy: Top 10 Laptop Deals

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Looking for a new laptop, MacBook, or 2-in-1? Best Buy’s Black Friday sale is full of deals on laptops. Here are some of the best Black Friday laptop sales at Best Buy. You can read the entire Best Buy Black Friday 2014 flyer here, or check out our top 10 favorite deals from Best Buy’s Black Friday sale. Read on to see some of Best Buy’s most exciting Black Friday deals on laptops.

1. 11.6-Inch Acer Chromebook for $149

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This itty bitty Chromebook is a great first computer for the kid or senior citizen in your life. It’s also ideal for students who do most of their work in the cloud, and people who prefer a smaller form factor when shopping for a laptop.

2. 15.6-Inch Dell Inspiron Laptop for $299.99

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Looking for something with a bigger screen? This 15.6-Inch Dell Inspiron laptop can be yours on Black Friday for under $300. It has similar specs to another Best Buy Black Friday computer deal, a 15.6-Inch ASUS Laptop. Scroll down to #10 to get more details about this similar deal.

3. Toshiba Radius 2-in-1 for $329.99

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More into the whole 2-in-1 thing? This Toshiba computer offers you great flexibility for making presentations at school, at work, or just sharing media with your family. The screen may be a bit small, but that smaller size does mean you can expect better battery life than you’d get with a bigger laptop screen.

4. 17.3-Inch HP Pavilion for $399.99

best buy black friday

Need a monster laptop? This huge, 17.3-inch laptop from HP is great for anyone who needs a big screen for working on projects or playing games. There’s a big hard drive, and the price is definitely right.

5. HP Envy Laptops Starting at $499.99

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Can’t decide between these two HP Envy laptops? There’s only a $100 difference between them, and both are solid, all-around laptops. Both have touchscreen capabilities, making for a more intuitive laptop experience.

6. Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro 2-in-1 for $999.99

best buy black friday

Lenovo makes some great 2-in-1 laptops. The Yoga 2 Pro has an Intel Core i7 under the hood, and it also has a touchscreen. This laptop is $200 off the normal retail price at Best Buy.

7. 13.3-Inch MacBook Air for $1,049.99

best buy black friday

Apple products are notoriously hard to find at a discount, which is what makes this sale on the larger-sized MacBook Air so appealing. $150 in savings is pretty darn sweet for such a lightweight, reliable laptop. While the price may be high overall, Macs are known for their reliability and durability over time.

8. 13.3-Inch MacBook Pro for $1,349.99

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Want an Apple laptop with a little more power? The specs on this MacBook Pro include 8GB of RAM and a beautiful Retina display. If you need a new laptop for business or design, this might be a must-have for your Black Friday shopping list.

9. Microsoft Surface 2 for $299.99

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Then again, maybe a traditional laptop isn’t really for you. If you prefer the form factor of a tablet, and only occasionally want to use something that’s configured like a laptop, then a Surface 2 might be for you. While the specs are a little outdated, this is a solid option for anyone who doesn’t have grueling CPU and RAM requirements for their daily computing needs.

10. 15.6-Inch ASUS Laptop for $???

best buy black friday

We don’t know how deeply Best Buy plans to discount this ASUS laptop yet. It’s one of many deals that Best Buy isn’t releasing full details about until closer to Black Friday. However, this is a deal to watch, as we are expecting it to be a very low price. Best Buy will reveal the Black Friday sale price for this laptop on November 20.

It has a 500GB hard drive, giving you ample room for files and music. While it’s a little underpowered (Intel Core i3, 4GB memory), it’s got more than enough power for students and most business uses. Depending on the price, this could be a laptop that’s worth braving the crowds to score on Black Friday.

UPDATE: Best Buy has released the price for this limited time deal. It will cost $249.99, and will be backed by a price match guarantee. More info here.

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