Black Friday Deals: Top 5 Best Tablet Sales

best black friday tablet deals

Black Friday 2014 has some pretty insane tablet deals. Whether you want a brand new tab or a deep discount on an older model, these sales have to be seen to be believed. Read on to see some of the most notable deals on Android tablets, iPads, and more for Black Friday 2014.

1. WAL-MART: RCA Google Play Tablet for $29

walmart black friday

While this tablet isn’t exactly the latest and greatest, it’s a solid tablet for kids, grandkids, or grandparents who aren’t in need of blazing fast tablet speeds. For under $30, this tablet deal is definitely going to appeal to people who haven’t been able to afford a tablet before.

2. BEST BUY: Surface Pro 3 for $100 to $150 Off

best buy black friday

The Surface Pro 3 is one of the many tablets being offered as a Black Friday doorbuster deal at Best Buy. This premium tablet is as powerful as a laptop, though you should note that you’ll need to pay extra to get the companion keyboard.

If you’re thinking about getting a Surface Pro 3, you should check out our top picks for Surface Pro 3 accessories. You might also be interested in the video below from the Verge, which compares the MacBook Air against the Surface Pro 3.

3. WAL-MART: 16GB iPad Mini for $199

best black friday deals

Apple products are notoriously hard to find at a discount. Wal-Mart is selling this iPad Mini (16GB model) for just $199, and throwing in a $30 Walmart Gift Card. That’s not a bad deal, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out Target’s similar deal. They’re pretty equivalent, so it’s just a question of which gift card is worth more to you. While Target’s deal comes with a bigger gift card value, you might have a preference about which store you generally prefer to shop at.

4. KMART: 7-Inch Galaxy Tab 4 for $149.99

black friday kmart

Technically, this is a Thanksgiving doorbuster, for those people who just can’t wait until Black Friday to start their shopping. Kmart members who snag this deal will also get $20 back in points. Kmart is selling this tablet for $50 less than the normal price.

5. TARGET: Nabi 2 Tablet for $129.99

black friday tablet deals

Here’s what ZDNet has to say about this Black Friday doorbuster:

“You should note that the tablet is a couple of years old, a device that was promoted back during Black Friday 2012. While kids might put up with older hardware, two years is a lifetime when it comes to tablets, especially since even at $129.99, the price is on the high end for a 7-inch tablet with aging specs. Then again, if you must have it, the price is $50 lower than usual.”

So while this tablet isn’t a super-amazing deal, it is a decent discount. This is a great tablet to get for a kid or senior citizen in your life, but it lacks the brand cachet to impress a serious techie. Still, if you manage to get one of these limited doorbusters, you will definitely be the envy of other Target shoppers.