New App Offers Polyamorous Dating & Relationship Planning

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The Poly Life on iOS was designed to help polyamorous families organize their lives and relationships.

With more than one million apps on the App Store, you’re bound to come across some interesting creations. One of the newest apps to hit iOS devices is designed to help polyamorous families manage their relationships, and it’s definitely raising some eyebrows.

The Poly Life on iOS is a newly released app that’s designed specifically to help polyamorous families manage their relationships. While the app is definitely speaking to a niche audience, the developers think there are enough poly families around the world for the app to gain tremendous momentum.

In general, though, America mostly sees polyamory as taboo, which is the main reason the creators and developers of The Poly Life app plan to remain anonymous — at least for the near future.

The genesis of the app even speaks to the secretive way some poly families feel they have to live. The app’s lead developer was introduced to a poly family through a friend, and they asked about developing an app that could safely and securely help them manage their relationships.

“I learned that many poly families use great tools like Google Calendar to keep track of their busy schedules, but there was nothing out there that was made specifically for their community,” the anonymous developer said. “They needed a tool that was customized for their lifestyle. They wanted to communicate privately and maintain their family agreements, and they felt they couldn’t do that on other apps and on most social media.”

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While the calendar function in The Poly Life isn’t too different from any other shared calendar, the app has specific areas for partners to post the rules of their relationship. It seems like a simple function, but the developer has learned from poly families that managing three, four, five or more relationships at once can get tricky.

“Some of their relationships don’t have as many agreements as others, some were constantly changing, and some are more consistent,” the developer said. “We created an agreements section in the app that is unlike anything on the market. It allows users to select individuals to send agreements that can be edited instantaneously with the other partners agreeing or disagreeing to the changes.”

The developer said rules in poly relationships range anywhere from, “You can’t have sex with your other partner in our bed,” to “Don’t text your other partner when I’m around.”

There’s even a relationship manager in the app that differentiates a user’s partners based on the type of relationship — sexual, emotional and other ways people are “bonded.”

Users can also use the location-based feature to use the in-app map. While it works like any other iOS map, the places made readily available to find are “coffee shops, grub, bars and sex shops.”

Not all of the app’s functions are meant to be private, though. There’s also a public section of the app where people can post “Poly Fun” events. These include meet and greets and other poly-focused events.

The app is meant to be a one-stop shop for poly families to manage their unique lives in a unique way, whether they’re open to the public about it or not.

The creators and developers point to the legalization of gay marriage around the country as a big step toward poly families being more regularly accepted, but they say The Poly Life app is meant to be a tool mostly for people to discreetly manage their relationships if they prefer to keep their lifestyle private.

The developers also pointed out that the polyamorous lifestyle has become somewhat more mainstream over the years, especially since the popularity of the Showtime series, Polyamory: Married and Dating. However, their hope is that one day no poly family will think they have to keep their lifestyle a secret.

“I’ve learned a lot about polyamory by creating this app,” the developer said. “It seems more and more people are making their own relationship choices, so I think change will come, but change is hard and takes time.”

Download The Poly Life on iOS here.

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