Top 5 Best Black Friday 2014 iPhone 6 Deals

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Black Friday 2014 is almost upon us. While some folks are eager to snag deals on laptops and TVs, many Black Friday shoppers are all about the smartphones. There are tons of iPhone 6 deals for Black Friday 2014, and we’ve highlighted five of the most noteworthy. Read on to see what kind of iPhone 6 bargains you can score after your Turkey Day feast.

Do note that these Black Friday iPhone 6 deals are usually linked to phone contracts and two-year agreements. If that doesn’t appeal to you, it might make sense to review your options for unlocked iPhone 6 models.

1. WALMART: iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s for $0 Down

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If you haven’t pulled the trigger on a new iPhone yet, Black Friday might be the right time. You can get a new iPhone 6 or the iPhone 5s for $0 down, but this deal is only good for qualified buyers. The iPhone 5S 16GB can be yours for $79 with a 2-year contract. The iPhone 6 16GB will cost $179 with a 2-year contract. Both deals come with a bonus $75 Walmart Gift Card.

It’s also worth pointing out that Walmart will have some sweet Black Friday deals on iPhone 6 cases from trusted brands like Speck and Otterbox. You can learn more about those sales in our guide to the best iPhone 6 case sales for Black Friday 2014.

2. TARGET: iPhone 6 for $179.99 With a $30 Gift Card

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The 16GB iPhone 6, which Target usually sells for $199.99, will be just $179.99 for Black Friday. On top of that, you get a $30 gift card to use at Target, which helps to soften the blow a bit more. That makes this deal pretty darn good for anyone who wants a new iPhone 6 and doesn’t have an old iPhone to trade in.

3. BEST BUY: iPhone 6 for $99 (With Trade-In)

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If you have an old iPhone to trade-in towards your Black Friday purchase, then definitely hit up Best Buy. On Black Friday, Best Buy is offering up a new, base-level iPhone 6 for just $99. Of course, if you want a new iPhone with more than 16GB of storage, you’ll have to pony up even more of your hard-earned cash. Best Buy is offering a minimum of $100 for a trade-in deal, but you may be entitled to more for newer iPhones or iPhones with lots of onboard storage. Best Buy says they will give you at least $100 for “any working iPhone.”

4. SAM’S CLUB: iPhone 6 for $99

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Mac Rumors notes that a leaked flyer has alerted iPhone fans to a great deal at Sam’s Club. This year, Sam’s Club is selling the 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB iPhone 6 at $99, $199, and $299, respectively. That is the price with a two-year contract. Even better? You don’t have to wait until Black Friday to get this deal, since Sam’s actually started this low price promotion back on November 15. This deal runs through the end of the year. Do note that you need to be a Sam’s member, and each Sam’s store will have a limited supply of 40 to 50 units per club.

5. Get an iPhone 6 at Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon for About $29

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Who needs Black Friday deals to save big? If you want to pay just $29 or so for a new iPhone 6 at Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon, listen up. If you have an old iPhone to trade in, you can put that cash towards a brand new iPhone 6 and only have to pay about $30 out of your own pocket. At the time of this writing, electronics trade-in site Gazelle was offering $170 in cold hard cash to people who wanted to trade in a 16GB iPhone 5s in “good” condition. If you have an iPhone 5s in “flawless” condition, or with a bigger storage capacity, you could get even more cash. With Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon offering the base model iPhone 6 for $199, a $170 trade in gets you most of the way there. Those Gazelle trade-in values change over time, so they may be higher or lower come Black Friday.

Definitely planning to snag a new iPhone 6 on Black Friday? Don’t forget to buy a case! Check out our post on the best iPhone 6 case deals for Black Friday 2014.