Top 10 Best Deluxe iPhone 6 Cases

Looking for deluxe, quality cases to protect your iPhone 6? We've rounded up ten awesome iPhone 6 cases that give you great peace of mind. These cases meet at least one of the following standards: a great design, awesome durability, or creative special features that simple iPhone 6 cases lack. Whether you already own an iPhone 6, or you are planning to score one at an upcoming Black Friday sale, these are cases that are worth splurging on. After all, some things are worth paying a little more for, especially when that "thing" is what keeps your iPhone 6 from breaking when you drop it. If you've ever had to put up with a cheaply made iPhone case, then you know just how flimsy and insubstantial they can be. No wonder so many iPhone 6 owners are choosing to enrobe their "naked" phone in a rugged, protective case that can prevent issues with bending. Some of the cases on our list are relatively simple in terms of their special features, offering only relatively common perks like waterproofing, impact protection, or a "wallet" to house your credit card and ID. Other cases in this gallery, however, are far more unique. These cool cases include options with a built-in keyboard, cases for audiophiles, and cases that can extend the iPhone 6's admittedly mediocre battery life. Some cases for the iPhone 6 are sheer eye candy, while others enhance the quality of the phone itself. While these iPhone 6 cases are all a bit on the expensive side, they are cases that are worth buying because of their deluxe looks and features. Whether you crave an iPhone 6 case that is slim, rugged, sassy, or creative, there's something on our Top 10 list that will inspire you. Some of these iPhone 6 cases are relatively new, so please note that color options may be a bit limited for some of these styles. Even though the iPhone 6 has been out for two months, many case makers will not have their iPhone 6-compatible cases ready until later this year, or even early 2015 in some cases. All that being said, click on in this gallery to see some of the coolest deluxe iPhone 6 cases that money can buy. Can't get enough iPhone 6 coverage? Check out our post on the hidden features in the iPhone 6, or read our helpful guide on how to choose the best iPhone 6 case for your needs. Additionally, you might enjoy our guide on setting up Apple Pay, or enjoy perusing our carefully curated list of the best iPhone 6 accessories.

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