WATCH: Outlook for Mac Hits Microsoft Office 365 Early

You might have been too preoccupied with Halloween costumes and candy binges last week to have noticed, but Microsoft Office 365 customers got a little surprise on Friday: an early launch of the new Outlook for Mac. Learn more in the video above.

ZDNet notes that the Halloween launch of the Outlook for Mac update was quite a surprise, adding that the new Outlook update includes “new release includes performance and reliability improvements from an improved threading model and database structure. It also includes improved support for categories (with syncing between online and Mac category lists), searching for online archives, and Office 365 push email support.”

Are you getting the most out of Office 365 on your Mac? Check out the video above, which has some helpful tips for maximizing your Office 365 Mac experience.

According to Venture Beat, Microsoft plans to release a new version of Office for Mac in 2015. To install the latest update, go to your Office 365 Portal, then into Office 365 Settings. Select Software, and then the Outlook for Mac icon.