OtterBox vs. LifeProof: What’s the Best iPhone 6 Case?

best iphone 6 case

So you just bought an iPhone 6. Now you need to pick the best case. OtterBox and LifeProof are two popular case brands. Which one is best for iPhone 6 owners? It might seem like a moot point (since OtterBox actually owns LifeProof), but these two case brands offer very different products. Here’s everything you need to know to make an informed decision about your iPhone 6 case purchase.

1. OtterBox vs. LifeProof: Price

Check out the bend test video above, which features an iPhone 6 and an OtterBox case.

OtterBox has three main case styles that are compatible with the iPhone 6. They are as follows: the Commuter series, the Defender series, and the Symmetry series. Cases from OtterBox for the iPhone 6 have a suggested retail price of between $39.90 and $59.95, but you can usually find them even cheaper online. OtterBox also offers Alpha Glass screen protectors, and Clearly Protected screen protectors.

LifeProof offers two main case styles for the iPhone 6. Both styles offer waterproof protection. The LifeProof Fre has a built-in screen protector, while the LifeProof Nuud offers that same waterproof protection, but without a screen protector. The Nuud’s case creates a waterproof seal, allowing you to have a case that’s waterproof without impacting screen sensitivity. The Fre case is available now, but the Nuud case is not yet available. You can buy the Fre in several different colors for $79.99.

2. OtterBox vs. LifeProof: Features & Variety

Confused by all of the different OtterBox models? Check out the video above, which compares the OtterBox Defender against the Commuter and the Symmetry cases.

OtterBox definitely has the edge over LifeProof when it comes to variety. In addition to the regular Commuter series case, Otterbox also makes a “Commuter Wallet,” which adds a storage compartment for cards, cash, or your ID. LifeProof may offer waterproof cases, but they don’t offer any extra storage options in their cases. OtterBox also have more case color options than LifeProof. The OtterBox Symmetry case hides the Apple logo, but the Defender and Commuter cases show off the logo (except for the Commuter Wallet).

3. OtterBox vs. LifeProof: Special Accessories

Check out an unboxing video for the LifeProof Fre in the player above.

In addition to their line of cases, Otterbox also offers Alpha Glass screen protectors, and Clearly Protected screen protectors. These screen protectors come in two treatment options: Vibrant (which is designed to make the screen clear and vibrant) and Privacy (which is designed to make it harder for people to see what you’re doing on your phone). Alpha Glass is made from glass, while the Clearly Protected line is made from polyurethane.

LifeProof is interesting because they offer a wide array of special accessories that are designed to work with their unique waterproof cases. These include the Life Jacket (a flotation device so you can use your iPhone in water without it sinking), a belt clip, and an armband for exercising. While these accessories aren’t yet available for the iPhone 6, you can expect to see them in stock in the coming months.

4. OtterBox vs. LifeProof: Durability

Check out the video above to see how the LifeProof Fre case for the iPhone 6 stands up to water and drop tests. Check out the video below to see how an Otterbox case for the iPhone 6 stands up to a three-story drop.

5. OtterBox vs. LifeProof: Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Check out the video above, which pits the OtterBox Defender versus a Griffin Survivor case.

The OtterBox line is great for people who want to snag a wallet case, get a case with an NFL logo, or save a little money when compared to the LifeProof case line.

The LifeProof iPhone 6 cases are ideal for users who want a waterproof case that they can use near (or in) the water. While it can be annoying to keep tabs on that little headphone adapter, this phone case is widely considered to be one of the best options out there.

All that being said, OtterBox and LifeProof cases aren’t always the best fit for every iPhone user. While these phone cases are built tough, the color options, special features, and price may make them unsuitable for some people. While both OtterBox and LifeProof are great for people who want rugged cases, those who prefer more slender designs may want to look at other brands. If you want to see some other case options, check out our guide to the Top 25 Best iPhone 6 cases.

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