Top 5 Best New iPhone 6 Cases at CES 2015

best iphone 6 cases

The iPhone 6 has been out for several months now. While there are some great case options out there, there are some people who are still hunting for that elusive, perfect case for their new phone. Still not happy with your current iPhone 6 case? There are some awesome new cases coming out of CES 2015. These cool new cases offer some fascinating special features. Whether you want a case that can heal itself, boost your signal, or improve your battery life, there’s something on this list that will definitely appeal to you. Here are the coolest new iPhone 6 cases.

1. Reach79 iPhone 6 Case

best iphone 6 cases


Reach79 is a new brand that makes iPhone 6 cases. These cases have a special feature. Thanks to a built-in antenna, the case offers faster webpage loading times, fewer dropped calls, and improved streaming music quality.

The benefits of the case will vary depending on your carrier, carrier band, and the device itself. That being said, Reach79 cases have been verified to improve a phone’s signal strength by an average of 1.6X, with peak performance of over 2X. In the future, the company may offer carrier-specific cases to boost performance even more.

Reach79 is owned by the same parent company that makes the Pong cases for the iPhone 6. While the Pong case offers a balance of increased signal and decreased radiation going into your head, the Reach79 cases are all about boosting the signal.

I’ve been hands-on with this case for about a week. While I was initially a bit skeptical, the case has really won me over and become my every day case. I found that I was able to get great reception in places where my friends were not. Even though we were on the same carrier, with the same phone, I was getting a great signal in places where they barely had one bar. I used this case with great success in a basement bar, a movie theatre, and local stores where there are lots of dead zones. It also made a huge improvement in Wi-Fi dead spots in my house. In places where I was struggling to get a website to load without a case, the Reach79 case made it possible for those sites to load in about a second.

While color options are a bit limited, more color options are coming soon. The case is also available for the iPhone 6 Plus. One caveat: the case is designed to fit really snugly, in order to best boost the signal. This does make it a little tricky to get on and off. This case is available now.

Price: $59.99

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2. ZAGG iPhone 6 Speaker Case



ZAGG is know for their screen protectors, but they also make iPhone case. The new Speaker case contains a removable Bluetooth speaker that can be used for playing music. It can also be used to take a phone call. The case is structured around a slim, protective bumper. The battery in the case is 1800 mAh, which means it basically doubles the battery life of your iPhone 6.

The rechargeable battery can be used to recharge your phone, or you can share the power to a micro USB or Lightning-compatible device via the universal USB port. This case will be available later this year.

Price: $99.99

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3. Otterbox Resurgence Battery Case for iPhone 6



The Otterbox Resurgence case, which had previously only been available for the iPhone 5/5s, is now available for the iPhone 6. Unlike the older version of the case, which had a measly 2,000 mAh battery, the iPhone 6 version of the case has a 2,600 mAh battery.

The case boasts military-grade drop protection. The case also has “auto-stop,” so it will automatically shut down the power drain to save battery life for when you really need it. The iPhone 5/5s version of the case is on sale now, but the iPhone 6 version won’t be available until later this year.

Price: $99.95

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4. Ventev Regen Self-Healing iPhone 6 Case



One cool tech trend we’ve been seeing a lot of lately are “self-healing” materials. Most prominently used in the construction of the LG G Flex, these self-healing materials make cuts and scratches on the surface of a device disappear. A new iPhone 6 case from Ventev has similar self-healing properties. The Ventev Regen case possesses a self-healing, micro-filling technology. If you scratch the surface of the phone, the phone is “healed” within a few hours. Best of all, it’s really affordable. It’s available now. Ventev also makes other iPhone 6 accessories, such as chargers.

Price: $24.99

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5. Vysk QS1 Privacy Case for iPhone

Why Vysk?Vysk makes smartphone cases designed to protect your privacy. Watch our explainer video to learn just how easy it is to hack into a smartphone.2014-12-15T17:44:40Z

Learn more about the Vsyk brand in the video above.

Granted, the Vysk QS1 case is only available for the iPhone 5/5s at this time. However, if it sells well, it’s not unreasonable to expect that the case will become available for the iPhone 6 in the coming months.

The QS1 has a number of privacy features. The Vysk Privacy Network allows users to have completely anonymous and confidential conversations. The QS1 case locks down your phone’s native microphones, routing the voice data through the Vysk Voice app. The case also has a special camera shutter, which prevents hackers from using a smartphone’s camera to monitor users.

Price: $229.99

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Can’t wait for these cases to hit stores later this year? Check out our guide to the best deluxe iPhone 6 cases, all of which have some cool features and functionality.

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