Looq DG Selfie Stick: The Photos You Need to See

Thinking about getting yourself a selfie stick? Finding the right one for your needs can actually be a bit tricky. Despite the fact that this technology is essentially just a long stick, there are many variants of the selfie stick on the market today. Some selfie sticks will only work with a smartphone, while others are designed to work with a digital camera. There are even some selfie sticks that are designed to work with GoPro cameras. If you're new to selfie sticks, you're probably looking for a relatively low-cost option to try out. The Looq DG is a selfie stick that will definitely fit the bill. This selfie stick was singled out by Joanna Stern in the Wall Street Journal's roundup of best selfie sticks. Stern argued that this was one of the best cheap selfie sticks out there. Her only complaint? “Pressing the button can cause the stick to shake a bit, resulting in a potentially blurry photo.” Getting singled out by the Wall Street Journal gives this selfie stick a lot of credibility. It's a great option for first-time buyers. It's available in some fun color options, it doesn't cost very much, and it comes with some great recommendations from the press. If you need a closer look at this selfie stick before you buy it, check out this gallery of photos to get a look at all of the color options available.

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