PHOTOS: OtterBox Commuter Wallet Samsung Galaxy S5 Case

OtterBox makes some of the most respected smartphones cases on the planet, and the Commuter Wallet series is one of the best wallet cases you can buy. It's rugged, and has ample storage. This case style is available for many leading smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S5. Cards are secure inside the wallet slot, and it would take a lot of shimmying to get them to fall out, even when the case is fully or partially opened. One thing that's unique about this case is the huge array of color options. While there are lots of "stock" color option out there, it is possible to build your own case. You can customize your choice of both outer shell color and inner sleeve color. There are lots of color options to choose from. Inner layer colors include black, blue, pink, gray, and purple. Outer shell color options run the gamut from lime green to sky blue to magenta. More traditional colors like black, white, and gray are also available. This wallet case is designed to store three cards and one bill. One great feature of this rugged case is the audible click closure, which gives you peace of mind every time you close the card compartment. If you want to get a better sense of how many cards this case can hold, or what color options are available, check out this gallery.

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