PHOTOS: i-Blason Transformer Slim Samsung Galaxy S5 Case

The i-Blason Transformer Slim case is a very versatile case, which makes it appealing to a wide range of Samsung Galaxy S5 owners. The case has a holster and clip element, along with a back cover than can convert into a kickstand. Despite all the additions to the back of the case, the design of the Transformer slim has taken the placement of the finger print scanner and heartbeat sensor funcations into account. You can use those functions with the case on, no problem. The case itself has a lightly rubberized texture, which makes it easy to hold on to in any orientation. This case is great for business use, but it is also ideal for people who just use their phone for personal use. There are lots of other great S5 cases out there, but this one stands out for sheer versatility. Want to see more S5 cases? Check out our image galleries of S5 cases from big brands like Case-Mate, LifeProof, Speck, and Incipio. If you're definitely into this i-Blason case, check out this gallery to see this case from every angle. We've also got images of the case in all possible color options.

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