Top 5 Best New Android Racing Games of January 2015

Drag Race Rush

One thing we appreciate is a good racing games. We truly appreciate them even more when we get to play with exotic cars while we’re on the go. There’s a great amount of mobile racing games available across the Google Play store and we’ve played a whole lot of ’em. For the month of January 2015, five quality mobile racing games released and we think you should make it a priority to check them out. Here are the top five best new android racing games of January 2015.

1. Drag Race: Rush

Drag Race: Rush Android GamePlay Trailer (1080p) [Game For Kids]FOR MORE TOP&BEST ANDROID GAMES 2015 GAMEPLAYS, GO TO: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: ALSO GOOGLE+: Get ready for the ultimate 3d drag race adventure and join the rush of an adrenaline rising amazing game. The world's best drag racer title has been snatched from you, gear up and search revenge as you…2015-01-20T17:16:35Z

Drag Race: Rush is a high quality 3D drag racer that’s amazing to witness in action. Your sweet designer rides can get customized to the nth degree and you’ll be able to show them off in breakneck drag races. The graphics shine bright as you rev up and compete against your rivals in Asia, Europe, America and Columbia. You’ll get a kick out of this game’s fast paced one-on-one races and your fun climb to the top of the underground drag race ladder.

Download it here.

2. Driver XP – Race And Drift

Driver XP – Android Gameplay HDSUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL DriverXP offers an experience of high adrenaline, exciting and entertaining racing game to you. Nothing is missing in this game; chasing criminals, escaping from police and reaching the target, racing to finish ahead of competitors, achieving the best time and much more.. Racing and getting scores unlocks super sport cars.…2015-01-26T17:21:25Z

The next racer on our list features a great collection of awesome automobiles that are ripe for cross country road races. The high adrenaline you’ve probably experienced in past console racers gets replicated here, plus you’ll have some additional tasks to complete during each of your races. After each race, you’ll have the ability to properly customize your rides and make them highly efficient for your next round of races. The wide open stages here make this race stand out from its contemporaries.

Download it here.

3. Trial Xtreme 4

Trial Xtreme 4 – Gameplay AndroidTrial Xtreme 4 – Gameplay Android HD Description – Feel the adrenalin pumping as you take your bike on MORE THAN 70 CHALLENGING AND SPECTACULAR LEVELS of pure motoring fun. Earn cash in races, tournaments and in head to head duels. Prove yourself as the best extreme rider among your friends and then make your…2015-01-18T17:12:22Z

The 4th entry in the Trial Extreme series has arrived. Once again, you’ll take on the role of a fearless motocross driver and brave the dangerous elements of plenty of new stages. You’ll go all across the world, race against rival racers and pull off some amazing stunts while you’re airborne. There’s a great amount of bikes to upgrade and bets to take on during stage runs that can net you some nifty bonuses.

Download it here.

4. Dirt Trackin

TCR | Dirt Trackin' | Gameplay | First Impressions | IOSHere's a great little hidden gem on iOS and Android platforms. This is with build 1.02 and it seems like they are continuing support and updates so any minor gripes I have could very well be fixed in a later build. Here's their FB and site.. @strange_billy2014-11-22T01:43:55Z

Dirt Trackin is truly the serious racing simulator hardcore fans of the sport can get into. Among the best features of this game includes selectable real world racer drivers and 16 Late Model vehicles you can select for your road travels. You can change the controls and tilt sensitivity to your liking to match your racing instincts. There’s a lot of replayability evident with this racer, since you can keep racing up until lap 100.

Download it here.

5. Blaze and the Monster Machines

Blaze and the Monster Machines Android GamePlay Trailer (1080p) [Game For Kids]FOR MORE TOP&BEST ANDROID GAMES 2015 GAMEPLAYS, GO TO: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: ALSO GOOGLE+: Get ready to race along with Blaze and The Monster Machines, Nick Jr.’s newest show! It’s time to tear up the track with Blaze and his best friend AJ! The Blaze and the Monster Machines app introduces…2015-01-28T10:02:02Z

The hit Nickelodeon kids show Blaze and the Monster Machines has been transported to mobile devices in the form of this new mobile racer. The cutesy voice acting the show is known for is present here and the simple mechanics are easy enough for the young ones to get into. Collectible currency litters the track and new goals pop up during new races. This fun racer can be appreciated by gamers of all ages thanks to its short but sweet races.

Download it here.