Top 5 Best New Android Strategy Games of January 2015

Epic War TD 2

Some gamers prefer quick experiences when it comes to their mobile experiences. But other gamers like to properly challenge themselves and test their mettle in strategic mobile games. We’ve checked out a great number of the types of games that command you to build an army, develop a stronghold and battle to the death with rival players. It’s time we composed a list of the best looking and best playing games in the genre. These five strategy games make up out list of the finest Android games seen and played in January 2015.

1. Epic War TD 2

Welcome to the explosive sequel to Epic War TD (Tower Defense). The newest additions of this upgraded sequel includes nine towers, four mega towers, 44 types of enemies, 50 campaign missions to complete and plenty of armaments to employ for battle. You’ll need to manage your line of offensive items and fend off wave after wave of persistent enemies. The replayability factor is high here and the clean 3D visuals make the gory kills look amazing.

Download it here.

2. Strategy & Tactics: Medieval Wars

For fans of board games such as Risk, this deep strategy affair is the right one to approach. The majority of your gameplay will take place on a color-coded map, where plenty of Medieval troops take their place among their chosen sides. The armies of England and France need you to lead them to victory as you go to war in historic conflicts. There are four campaigns to get sucked into, so you’ll have plenty of time to improve your strategies and fight for European supremacy.

Download it here.

3. Defenders of Suntoria

This colorful strategy/RPG is truly a great mix of both genres. You’ll have the opportunity to take on the role of either of a Wizard, Barbarian, Archer or Knight as you dominate your enemies and fend them off with tons of traps. Each of the 20 missions places you on maps of varying size and enemy waves, so you’ll need to manage your trap placement and keep your hero alive against the coming horde. Defenders of Suntoria is a tightly tuned experience that’s hard to ignore.

Download it here.

4. Heroes of Might & Magic III HD

Ubisoft’s Heroes of Might & Magic franchise dominated the strategy genre back in the day. This HD port of the 3rd entry in the long running series is perfectly optimized for mobile devices. The most basic and highly respected elements of strategy games are done to near perfect here as you build up powerful monuments, train your troops, navigate across the land to other kingdoms and dominate through seven story campaigns.

Download it here.

5. Maritime Kingdom

For mobile gamers who want to get into the pirate swashbuckling experience, Maritime Kingdom is the strategy game you’ll want to hop on. Once your initial pirate ship and loyal fleet get taken down, your new duties will entail rebuilding your once powerful pirate fleet. The main gameplay mechanics within this game entails building up a flourishing kingdom, putting your pirate fleet back together, interact with other countries and fend off any would-be attackers.

Download it here.