5 Best Electronic Drum Sets for Beginners (2018)

electronic drum set for beginners

Electronic drum sets are awesome. There’s no beating an acoustic set when it comes to performance, but electronic drums are perfect for beginners for several reasons. For one, you can practice them quietly, which means they’re great for people with kids, significant others, pets, neighbors or roommates. Nothing is more annoying than a loud drummer who feels the itch to practice in the middle of the night, but with an electronic drum set, you only need a pair of headphones to play without disturbing others.

Electronic drum kits also let you change the tone of your drums depending on what you want to play, and that customization is great. While with an acoustic kit, you’re getting the true audio experience, you’re locked into whatever style or era your drums represent. It’s pretty expensive to make changes and experiment with new sounds.

Like pedals for guitarists, you can easily change the sound on your electronic drum kit to a wide variety of sounds on the kit itself, and with the help of software, to just about anything imaginable. Using them as midi triggers means that you can blend acoustic sounds and wild sound effects within the footprint of the traditional drum set.

While you’re weighing your electronic options, you can also see our best drum sets for kids and beginners post here to compare what’s out there for acoustic sets at the same time.

If you want to learn the drums but can’t make a lot of noise, consider our list of the best electronic drum sets for beginners.

1. Alesis Nitro Kit

Image of alesis nitro electronic drum set


The Alexis Nitro module comes with more than 385 drum, cymbal and tom sounds across 40 presets (24 factory, 16 user), which gives you a strong complement of tones to work with. An included USB-MIDI allows you to send MIDI data to virtual instruments or your computer, expanding the tonal possibilities and making recording easy. The dual-zone snare pad emulates the acoustic properties of a real drum head for rimshots.

The drum heads use natural rubber to reduce vibration, though this results in a somewhat sticky feel. This one will require the purchase of a separate drum throne.

Price: $299

Buy the Alesis Nitro Kit here.

Alesis Nitro Kit PerformanceThe Alesis Nitro Kit has been replaced by the Nitro Mesh Kit. Find exclusive Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit BUNDLES at Kraft Music: kraftmusic.com/brands/alesis/drums/nitro-mesh-kit?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_content=txt&utm_campaign=ale-nitro_perf Want to learn more? youtu.be/a2uJlxfHFVU Curious about assembly? youtu.be/usjO9WnTXTs Josh Cuadra from Alesis Drums plays the Nitro Kit at Kraft Music. The Alesis Nitro Kit is a 5-piece electronic drum set with…2016-05-25T21:54:08.000Z

What’s Included:

  • Kick Pad with tower and pedal
  • Hi-hat pedal controller
  • 8 inch dual-zone snare pad
  • Three 8 inch tom pad
  • 10 inch hi-hat, crash and ride
  • Nitro drum module
  • Four post aluminum rack with mounting hardware
  • Drum key
  • Drum sticks
  • Cable snake and power supply
  • Cable wrap strips


  • USB-MIDI included
  • 385 custom sounds
  • Eight-piece set
  • Aux in for jamming


  • Some firmware issues
  • Rack is a bit short
  • Pads reportedly have “sticky” feel
  • No throne included

Find more Alesis Nitro Kit information and reviews here.

2. Carlsbro CSD130 Electronic Drum Set

Image of carlsbro csd130 electronic drum set


The cheapest option on our list also has the least pedigree. If you don’t care much about that and you’re just looking for an inexpensive kit to help you get started, this is definitely one to consider. Like the higher-end units, you still get USB with MIDI in/out so your ability to record and use other sounds is intact. This is also a very compact set, with the brain mounted behind the snare, making this a good choice for smaller spaces.

There’s no throne nor any accessories included at this price, but a kit including a throne, headphones, and sticks is available here.

Price: $279.99

Buy the Carlsbro CSD130 Electronic Drum Set here.

What’s Included:

  • Commander 150 sound module
  • Bass pad with kick pedal
  • 7.5 inch dual-zone snare pad
  • Three 7.5 inch toms pads
  • 10 inch hi-hat pad
  • 10 inch crash pad
  • 10 inch ride pad
  • Hi-hat controller pedal
  • Mounting rack with hardware and invisible cabling


  • 250 sounds
  • Dual-zone snare
  • Sturdy, full-sized bass and hi-hat pedals
  • Cymbals have choke


  • Difficult to collapse
  • Screws may come loose
  • Occasional misfiring
  • Some reports of sound cutting out

Find more Carlsbro CSD130 Electronic Drum Set information and reviews here.

3. Behringer XD8USB

Image of bahringer xd8usb electronic drum set


Given their experience making inexpensive digital sound equipment, the job of making an electronic drum kit is right up Behringer’s alley. In the guitar world, they’re known for their ultra-cheap but decent-sounding pedals, driven by their digital processing. This particular drum set is no different, utilizing Behringer’s “High Definition Sampling” that offers 123 sounds across 15 different drum kits.

The drum module has an intuitive button layout that mirrors the drums to make changes easy, which can then be saved into give user preset slots. Since a throne isn’t included, you’ll have to shop for one here.

Price: $329.99

Buy the Behringer XD8USB here.

What’s Included:

  • HDS110USB sound module
  • 8 inch dual-zone snare pad
  • Three 8 inch tom pads
  • Three 12 inch cymbals
  • Bass pad with kick pedal
  • Hi-hat controller pedal
  • Mounting rack with hardware


  • USB out
  • 15 drum sets and 123 sounds
  • High definition samples
  • Pads have realistic bounce


  • No throne (kit currently unavailable)
  • Kick beater can get misaligned easily resulting in quiet hits
  • Triggering seems to lag with faster playing
  • Some volume disparencies

Find more Behringer XD8USB information and reviews here.

4. Yamaha DTX Series DTX400K 10-Inch Electronic Drum Set

Image ofyamaha dtx400k electronic drum set


If you’re not a drummer, Yamaha might be the only brand you recognize on this list. The Japanese company is known for making all sorts of instruments, and electronic drum sets are no exception. The DTX400 Drum Trigger Module comes with 297 high-quality sounds, which means you have endless ways to customize and perfect your kit.

At 10 inches, the cymbals are big, but the toms look a little small. If that doesn’t bother you, this set is great, especially considering it comes with not only drum sticks but a throne and headphones as well, so you can start drumming as soon as you have it set up.

Price: $449.99 (10 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Yamaha DTX Series DTX400K 10-Inch Electronic Drum Set here.

What’s Included:

  • DTX400 drum trigger module
  • 7.5 inch snare and tom pads
  • Bass drum KU100 silent kick unit
  • 10 inch hi-hat
  • Hi-hat controller (can be used as a second bass pedal)
  • 10 inch crash and ride cymbals
  • Drum throne
  • JVC full-sized stereo headphones
  • Vic Firth Nylon 5A drum sticks


  • Good for inexperienced players and novices alike
  • Module with 297 sounds
  • Compact
  • 10 different kit settings


  • Hi-hat control can mistrigger
  • Snare can move after hits
  • No bass pad; just a pedal
  • Bass drum is quiet

Find more Yamaha DTX Series DTX400K 10-Inch Electronic Drum Set information and reviews here.

5. ddrum DD1 Digital Drum Set

Image of ddrum dd1 electronic drum set


Since ddrum makes their share of fine acoustic kits, including the one we put on our best beginner drum set post, the key to this electronic set is the excellent pad feel. The bounceback is especially good, so it’s possible that this might have the closest feel to an acoustic kit.

Otherwise, there are 215 sounds spread across 30 drum kits, with 10 user kit slots to save your own. It has a module layout similar to the Behringer above for inuitive editing. It has USB in, AUX in, and MIDI out, which should cover all your basic needs.

Price: $569

Buy the ddrum DD1 Digital Drum Set here.

What’s Included:

  • DD1 drum module
  • 8 inch snare pad
  • Three 8 inch tom pads
  • Three 12 inch cymbal pads
  • Hi-hat controller pedal
  • Mounting rack with hardware


  • 30 drum kits
  • 215 sounds
  • 10 user kit slots
  • Great pad feedback


  • Snare is only single-zone
  • No throne
  • No USB out
  • May have trouble with things breaking if you’re a hard hitter

Find more ddrum DD1 Digital Drum Set information and reviews here.

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