Top 20 Best Geeky iPhone 6 Cases

iphone 6 cases

Looking for a geeky iPhone 6 case? Show your love of anime, sci-fi, comics, and science with these awesome iPhone 6 cases. Below, you’ll find some awesome cases inspired by The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Star Wars, comic books, cartoons, anime, and much more. These geeky cases will protect your iPhone 6, while also telling the world how much you love your favorite TV show, movie, or comic book. Read on to see our top picks for cool, geeky iPhone 6 cases. Getting ready to upgrade to iPhone 7? Check out our guide to the best iPhone 7 cases, or browse our picks for the best new iPhone 7 accessories.

1. ‘Winter Is Coming’ Game of Thrones iPhone 6 Case

game of thrones iphone 6 case


Onelee has a whole bunch of iPhone 6 cases inspired by Game of Thrones, but this “Winter Is Coming” design is particularly amusing to have in the coldest months of the year. The case is made with the Seiko ink printing technique, resulting in a case image that is very high quality and colorful. While the case itself isn’t waterproof enough to protect your phone during immersion, the ink used to print the design itself is resistant to fading when wet.

Price: $15.99 (47 percent off)

Buy it here.

2. caseOrama TARDIS Case for iPhone 6



Whether you’re a full-on Capaldi fan, still pining for more episodes with David Tennant, or firmly convinced that the best Doctor was Tom Baker, this is the iPhone case for you. The case gives you easy access to all your ports, though some bulky third party cables may require you to remove the case before plugging in. And before you ask, no, the case is not bigger on the inside.

Price: $18.95 (10 percent off)

Buy it here.

3. Apple Death Star iPhone 6 Case

(Little Brick Press)

(Little Brick Press)

With a new Star Wars movie on the horizon, now is the perfect time to show your love for all things Dark Side. This cool case makes a visual statement, but it has some practical features as well. This iPhone 6 case is made from anti-microbial silicone rubber, and also boasts lightly textured sides that make it easy to keep a grip on your device.

Price: $17.99 (18 percent off)

Buy it here.

4. Star Trek iPhone 6 Case

star trek iphone 6 case

(Debbie’s Designs)

The original Star Trek communicators inspired today’s cell phones and smartphones, so it’s fitting to pay homage to Gene Rodenberry with a Star Trek-inspired case. If you’ve taken to calling your “Notes” app the “Captain’s Log,” you’ll appreciate the imagery on the back of this silicone case.

Price: $14.94

Buy it here.

5. Periodic Table of Elements iPhone 6 Case

geeky iphone 6 case


More into hard science than science fiction? This is a great geeky case for anyone who is studying chemistry, or for anyone who works in a scientific field. It also makes a great reference chart for those days when you just can’t remember the atomic weight of Barium.

Price: $7.95 (77 percent off)

Buy it here.

6. R2D2 iPhone 6 Wallet Case

star wars iphone 6 case

(Sunshine – Tech)

This functional wallet case has three inner pockets for storing your credit cards, ID, or business cards. The fact that the cover is made to look like R2D2 is just a nice bonus. The case also provides easy access to all your ports and jacks.

Price: $18.99

Buy it here.

7. Open TARDIS Door iPhone 6 Case

doctor who iphone 6 case


The shape of the TARDIS lends itself perfectly to phone case design. This particular case makes it seem like you could step inside the TARDIS at any minute and go on an adventure with the Doctor. The case has a hard back with TPU rubber sides.

Price: $14.99 (32 percent off)

Buy it here.

8. The Hobbit iPhone 6 Case

hobbit iphone 6 case


The Hobbit film franchise may be all wrapped up at this point, but this timeless book and film series has long-lasting appeal. This cute iPhone 6 case will appeal to Hobbit fans for years to come…or at least until you’re due for phone upgrade. If you stare at this case long enough, you might actually be able to remember the names of all the dwarves in Thorin’s party.

Price: $19.99 (33 percent off)

Buy it here.

9. Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe iPhone 6 Case

marvel iphone 6 case


Looking for a Marvel comic book case that’s a bit more raw and gritty? Look no further. Who doesn’t love the “Merc with a Mouth”?

Price: $12.99 (35 percent off)

Buy it here.

10. Batman iPhone 6 Case

batman iphone 6 case

(Palettes Maxx)

Looking for an iPhone 6 case that doesn’t look like what everyone else is using? This cool silicone case is comfortable to touch, but still pretty easy to keep a grip on. If you love Batman, this is an awesome case option to consider.

Price: $7.99 (60 percent off)

Buy it here.

11. Pac-Man ‘Dawn of Gaming’ iPhone 6 Case

pacman iphone 6 case

(Hat Shark)

Price: $14.99 (50 percent off)

The perfect iPhone 6 case for any fan of video games or 80s pop culture, this officially licensed case design is pretty darn cool. While the case itself could be more robust, it should protect your phone just fine from small drops, bumps, and scratches.

Buy it here.

12. Mario iPhone 6 Case

nintendo iphone 6 case


If you’re a fan of the “barely there” case aesthetic, this iPhone 6 case is a good fit for your needs. You can still see most of the phone’s design, but Mario adds a little bit of playfulness to this cool case. We love the way that Mario is punching a block to reveal the iPhone logo. The case also provides easy access to all ports, jacks, and controls.

Price: $8.95

Buy it here.

13. Adventure Time iPhone 6 Case

adventure time iphone 6 case


Adventure Time started out as a kid’s show, but it quickly developed an adult fan following thanks to the show’s complex themes, quirky sense of humor, and great voice cast. This iPhone 6 case features some of the show’s most popular characters, which makes it totally ALGEBRAIC!

Price: $9.99

Buy it here.

14. Walking Dead iPhone 6 Case

walking dead iphone 6 case


The Walking Dead has featured tons of haunting, gruesome, and disturbing imagery over the years. This case, inspired by one of the scene’s from the show’s pilot episode, is still pretty darn creepy. Whether you’re into Robert Kirkman’s zombies in particular, or just zombies in general, this is a great iPhone 6 case for comic book geeks and horror fans.

Price: $12.95

Buy it here.

15. Naruto iPhone 6 Case



Onelee has a huge range of Naruto cases, which you can see through the link below. The one we like best is pictured above. If you’re a fan of this globally-beloved anime series, this is definitely the iPhone 6 case for you.

Price: $15.99 (47 percent off)

Buy it here.

16. Vincent van Gogh Meets Doctor Who iPhone 6 Case

doctor who iphone case


Is your favorite Doctor Who episode still “Vincent and the Doctor”? This iPhone 6 case is great for people who love both sci-fi and fine art. Painted in the style of Vincent van Gogh, this rendering of the TARDIS flying at night is pretty darn cool.

Price: $15.99 (24 percent off)

Buy it here.

17. Han Solo in Carbonite iPhone 6 Case

han solo carbonite


Love Han Solo? Love Star Wars? This awesome case tells everyone around you how much you love Harrison Ford and sci-fi. The case itself snaps right on, making it ideal for people who like a simple, slim look to their iPhone case.

Please note that this case is not embossed or three dimensional in any way. The image is flat. However, it still looks cool…and that flat surface means you can get the phone out of your pocket fast.

Price: $17.95

Buy it here.

18. NakedShield iPhone 6 SLIM Art Case

lego iphone 6 case


Reminiscent of LEGO bricks, this cool case is a subtle way to let your geek flag fly. The case has a slim design, which makes it easy to remove from a pocket or purse. While it does have somewhat limited impact resistance, this cool case is still awesome for those who rarely drop their phone.

Price: $9.97 (75 percent off)

Buy it here.

19. Schrodingers Cat

nerdy iphone 6 case

(Graphics and More)

Who doesn’t love jokes about Quantum Mechanics? This is a great case for scientists, cat lovers, or sci-fi fans. The case gives you easy access to all the ports and controls.

Price: $7.99

Buy it here.

20. Oxytocin iPhone 6 Case

geeky iphone 6 case


This cool case features the chemical model of Oxytocin on the back. Oxytocin is the “love” chemical in the brain. This case is great for scientists, romantics, or anyone who just thinks that science is cool. And with Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, this might be a nice gift for the lovely scientist in your life.

Price: $9.99 (33 percent off)

Buy it here.

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