What’s the Best iPhone 6 Case for Me?

best iphone 6 case

Overwhelmed by all the iPhone 6 case options out there? Our guide is here to help you sift through the thousands of iPhone 6 cases on the market today. This shopping guide is designed to help you find the perfect case for your unique needs, based on your personality, your personal sense of style, and the demands of your profession. We’ve created personality profiles for the most common types of iPhone 6 owners, so it should be easy for you to find the right case for your unique needs based on these profile descriptions. Read on to see some great iPhone 6 case recommendations based on your personality.

1. The Minimalist: iPhone 6 Cases That Are Barely There


“The Minimalist” is an iPhone 6 owner who wishes they didn’t have to use a case at all. They love the look and feel of Apple’s phone so much that they want a “naked” look on their device. You gravitate towards cases that are super thin, super light, and often completely transparent. The case you use on your iPhone 6 is likely one that can be installed or removed quickly, allowing you to pop your phone out of the case and hold it in your hand.

In fact, you might not use a case at all. Rather than an iPhone 6 case, you might use only a screen protector to prevent scratches on your device. While this might not be ideal for people who drop their phones, a Minimalist is so obsessive about their device that they would never let it get dinged or nicked.

If you’re a Minimalist, there are three protection options we’d recommended. They are pictured above. From left to right, there’s the Griffin Reveal ($12.25), a transparent case that is surprisingly rugged for such a minimalist case. In the middle is Maxboost’s “Liquid Skin” iPhone 6 case ($9.99), which is a mere 04.mm thick.

If you want to skip the case entirely and use just a rugged screen protector, then you could consider the ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass iPhone 6 screen protector ($12.20). There are lots of other premium, tempered glass screen protector options out there, however. You may also want to check out our post on the best iPhone 6 screen protectors to see some additional options.

Please note prices listed above (and throughout this article) are not list prices, but the price these items can be found for online as of this writing. Those prices may fluctuate slightly over time.

Buy the Griffin Reveal iPhone 6 case here.

Buy the Maxboost Liquid Skin iPhone 6 case here.

Buy the ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass iPhone 6 screen protector here.

2. The Klutz: iPhone 6 Cases That Offer Serious Protection

best iphone 6 case

The nice thing about being a Klutz is that you always know you’re a Klutz, because you’re constantly dropping your phone. You’ve got a history of cracking your screen, scratching the rear of the device, and spilling your morning coffee all over your desk. You need an iPhone 6 case that’s shockproof, waterproof, or easy to grip (or better yet, a case that has a blend of all three features.) You don’t mind a case that’s a bit bulky, because you recognize your device really does need to be protected from your butterfingers.

Thankfully, there are tons of great options out there that will appeal to the Klutz (as well as to anybody who leads an active lifestyle.) Three options we whole-heartedly recommend are pictured above. From left to right, there’s the waterproof/shockproof/snowproof LifeProof Fre ($79.99), the rugged, able-to-withstand-windblown-sand-and-water Griffin Survivor case ($31.80), and the ruggedly cool Incipio Bombproof iPhone 6 case ($29.99). Any of these three cases should be up to the task of protecting your phone from drops and impacts.

Buy the LifeProof Fre iPhone 6 case here.

Buy the Griffin Survivor iPhone 6 case here.

Buy the Incipio “Bombproof” iPhone 6 case here.

3. The Showoff: iPhone 6 Cases That Make a Statement

best iphone 6 cases

The “Showoff” is a person who loves to show off and be the center of attention. You want an eye-catching case that sets you apart from the crowd. Your primary purpose in putting a case on your device is to get compliments, not just to protect your iPhone 6. If you can find a case that offers great protection on top of a great look, that’s great, but you always buy your case based on aesthetics, rather than protection.

We’ve highlighted three cool cases that might appeal to you in the image above. From left to right, there’s the Case-Mate “Oil Slick” Brilliance case ($79.99), the CandyShell Inked iPhone 6 case ($27.99), and the unusual TwelveSouth BookBook case, which makes your iPhone 6 look just like a leather-bound book ($59.99). If you’re looking for a case that has as much personality as you, any one of these cases is a solid bet. You might also be interested in our roundup of deluxe iPhone 6 cases, which features some unusual-looking cases.

Buy the Case-Mate iPhone 6 Brilliance Case here.

Buy the Speck CandyShell Inked Case here.

Buy the Twelve South BookBook iPhone 6 Case here.

4. The Gear Head: iPhone 6 Cases With Hidden Features

best iphone 6 cases

You’re bored with “normal” cases. If a case doesn’t have some kind of special feature or added bonus, then it’s a waste of money in your eyes. These days, it isn’t hard to find a case that’s more than meets the eye. Whether you’re looking for useful iPhone 6 cases or unique iPhone 6 cases, there are a lot of interesting cases out there that have some added functionality. Some cases have some high-tech features built in, while others simply have some unique physical characteristics that make them better than the average case.

Three cases we’d suggest for any “Gear Head” include the Pong iPhone 6 case ($59.99), which is pictured at left. It’s an interesting case because it redirects radiation away from your head, while simultaneously giving you a boost in signal thanks to a built-in antenna. The Rugged case is a bit beefier than the regular Pong “Sleek” case, though it does cost a bit more. Also pictured above are the Maxboost Ultra Slim iPhone 6 wallet case ($9.99) at center, and the Spigen Tough Armor S Case for iPhone 6 ($22.99), which lets you use a card to turn the case into a view stand.

Buy the Pong Rugged iPhone 6 case here.

Buy the Maxboost Ultra Slim iPhone 6 wallet case here.

Buy the Spigen Tough Armor S iPhone 6 case here.

5. The Professional: iPhone 6 Cases for Serious People

iphone 6 cases

The “Professional” is usually a business leader, or at least someone with aspirations of a powerful career. You view your iPhone as a business tool, not as a tool for self-expression. It’s important that people take you seriously, so you’re looking for an iPhone 6 case that looks professional and polished. Image is everything to you, and you’d never be caught dead with a bright, garish iPhone 6 case.

Three options we like are pictured above. At left is the ZeroLemon Slim Juicer case ($49.99), which offers busy people who are constantly on the go the ability to recharge their device through a battery embedded within the case. Pictured at center is the Elago Slimfit2 iPhone 6 case ($10.99), which offers a slim, professional-looking case. Finally, we recommend the Obliq Slim Meta Ultra Slim Fit iPhone 6 case ($9.99).

Curious about some of the leading iPhone 6 case makers? Check out our detailed breakdown of the differences between four leading iPhone 6 case manufacturers in our post comparing Griffin, Belkin, Speck, and Incipio iPhone cases.

Buy the ZeroLemon 3100mAh Slim Juicer Battery Case for iPhone 6 here.

Buy the Elago Slimfit2 iPhone 6 case here.

Buy the Obliq Slim Meta Ultra Slim Fit iPhone 6 case here.