Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases You Can Buy Right Now

samsung galaxy s6 cases

Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6 are available now, but supplies are somewhat limited. It can be really hard to find cases on launch day, or during the weeks after the device hits stores. Demand often outstrips supply, and it can be difficult to locate a case in your preferred color. Read on to see a list of our favorite S6 cases…so far. Obviously, this list of top-rated cases will grow over time. There will be a flood of other S6 case options hitting the marketplace over the next few months. You might also want to check out our favorite S6 accessories.

1. Cush Cases Heavy Duty Rugged Samsung Galaxy S6 Case

best samsung galaxy s6 cases

(Cush Cases)

If you’re looking for a case that has lots of texture, this is it. All of the texture on this case makes it easier to grip, even with cold or clammy hands. The case is made of TPU (a common material used to make smartphone cases). There’s a lip around the front edge of the case, which is designed to better protect the screen in the event of a drop. The case also has a built-in kickstand, which makes this a convenient case for people who do a lot of video chatting, or anyone who likes to marathon YouTube playlists. As one of the first S6 cases to hit the market, we’re guessing more than a few people will be grabbing this case as their first Samsung Galaxy S6 case.

Price: $8.95

Buy this heavy duty Cush Cases S6 case model here.

2. Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for Samsung Galaxy S6

samsung galaxy s6 cases


Spigen’s Neo Hybrid case is also made from TPU, but it has metallic polycarbonate control buttons for a little extra flair. The current generation of Neo Hybrid cases for the S5 is generally well-reviewed, with an average customer score of 4.4/5 on as of this writing.

Spigen also has a whole slew of other S6 cases you can order now, including the clear Air Cushioned Bumper case, as well as the uniquely textured Strong Flex S6 case.

Price: $21.99

Buy the Spigen Neo Hybrid S6 case here.

3. Verus Two Tone Slide Samsung Galaxy S6 Case

samsung galaxy s6 case


Venus makes a lot of really attractive smartphone cases, and this particular model will be available in a wide array of colors. It should fit all carrier models of the Samsung Galaxy S6. If you prefer your smartphone cases to be more form-fitting and slender, this is a nice model that avoid the excess bulk of other cases.

Price: $19.99

Buy the Verus Two Tone Slide Samsung Galaxy S6 Case here.

4. Caseology Drop Protection Samsung Galaxy S6 Case

samsung galaxy s6 cases


This professional-looking case from Caseology boasts revised cutouts for improved access to all ports, buttons, cameras, speakers, and the mic. The S5 version of this case holds a 4.6/5 customer rating on Amazon, so it’s reasonable to expect that the S6 version of this case will be equally well-reviewed.

Price: $9.99

Buy the Caseology Drop Protection Samsung Galaxy S6 Case here.

5. Cush Cases Leather Samsung Galaxy S6 Flip Case

best s6 cases

(Cush Cases)

Looking for a polished, professional-looking case? This black phone case is made from real leather. The interior of this case for the S6 has two small slots, which you can use to stash your ID, credit cards, business cards, or other similarly-sized objects. There’s also a slot for cash/bills.

Price: $4.95

Buy this Cush Cases S6 case here.

6. Verus Iron Shield Samsung Galaxy S6 Case

s6 cases


The Iron Shield series boasts dual layer construction, which will give you better peace of mind the next time you drop your device. A maze pattern on the inside of the case looks cool, but also helps to disperse shocks and bumps. The hairline design on the back of this case gives the cover a little more depth, and enhances the look of the case. Overall, this is a solid choice for people who like a metallic look to their cases.

Price: $24.99 (64 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Verus Iron Shield Samsung Galaxy S6 Case here.

7. SGM Damask Design Galaxy S6 Case

s6 cases


Need a case that’s feminine, or just a bit more classy than your average case? This hard plastic case features a frosted back with soft-rubberized design printed on top.

This elegant damask pattern is also available in black, white, turquoise, hot pink, and purple. There are lots of color options to choose from, and it’s easy to find a case color that will complement the color of your S6. This case does not ship with a screen protector, but it does come with a microfiber cleaning cloth. If you need recommendations for a good screen protector, check out our guide to the best S6 screen protectors.

Price: $8.99

Buy the SGM Damask Design Galaxy S6 case here.

8. Donaway Samsung Galaxy S6 Leather Case

leather s6 cases


This protective leather sleeve is ideal for people who only want a case sometimes. You can leave your phone “naked”, and only store it in the sleeve when you need to protect or transport your device. The sleeve is full lined to prevent scratching your new phone. A magnetic strap keeps your phone secured within the sleeve, offering you better peace of mind than cases that lack a closed end.

Price: $35

Buy the Donaway Samsung Galaxy S6 Leather Case here.

9. Verus Damda Slide Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Case

samsung galaxy s6 wallet case


A style we also recommend for iPhone 6 owners seeking a wallet case, the Damda Slide is a hard case with a sliding compartment. This slim case has room for two cards. Verus provided us with a sample of this case, and the build quality is excellent. The button covers are a bit stiff, but as with the iPhone 6 version of this case, we expect those stiff buttons to mellow with use. If you want a wallet case that has a secure compartment for cards, and no folio flap to cover your screen, this form factor would be ideal for your needs.

Price: $24.99 (38 percent off)

Buy the Verus Damda Slide Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Case here.

10. Obliq Slim Meta Ultra Slim Fit Samsung Galaxy S6 Case

s6 cases


Want a case with a metallic look? These cute cases are available in fun colors like pink, mint, gold, and silver. Bold colors like red and titanium grey are also available. The surface of the case is designed to be non-slip, which is ideal for people who have a history of dropping their phones. The case is also designed to minimize the appearance of greasy fingerprints, which means your case will keep looking perfect for weeks after purchase.

Price: $12.99

Buy the Obliq S6 case here.

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