How to Watch HTC One M9 Live Stream Online

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On March 1, HTC will hold a live stream event to showcase their all-new HTC One smartphone. You can watch the live stream in the player above, or read on for additional information about this event. The event will take place in Barcelona, and be live streamed starting at 4 p.m. local time. For people watching in the Eastern US, you should tune in at 10 a.m. Eastern time. This version of the One will be the One M9, which was code-named “Hima” during development.

In our Mobile World Congress preview post, we noted that there will be many other notable products debuting at MWC 2015. In addition to wearables and cutting edge tech, there will be a number of other smartphones on display. A few hours after HTC’s event, the Samsung team will be hosting their own event for the Galaxy S6 smartphone. You can get information about watching that livestream in our post on the Samsung Unpacked livestream. Read on to learn about your options for watching the HTC live stream for their latest One smartphone, or check out our HTC One M9 specs and features post. You might also want to check out our guide to the best HTC One M9 cases.

1. How to Watch HTC One M9 Live Stream on Desktop

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Using any browser, visit this page on the HTC website to view the livestream. We had talked with HTC’s PR team last week, and previously confirmed that there would be no other way to watch this livestream beyond the HTC site. It was originally believed that the live stream would not be available through any special type of app. Now, however, you can watch the live stream via YouTube. You can watch in the player at the top of this post, or head over you HTC’s YouTube video page.

2. How to Watch HTC One M9 Live Stream on Mobile Devices

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Check out the Android Authority video above, which rounds up all of the rumors about the new HTC phone.

When using your tablet or smartphone to watch the livestream, you will simply need to confirm that you have a solid Internet connection. We know of no restrictions on mobile browsers for this live stream at this time. Therefore, you should be able to watch the event on any mobile browser app of your choice.

This is a refreshing feature, especially to people who are used to the restrictions of a typical Apple keynote livestream. For example, for the iPhone 6 live stream, only mobile users on iOS using Safari could access the live stream. To the best of our knowledge, mobile versions of Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and other popular mobile browsers should all allow you to access the HTC livestream without issue. You can click here to go to the livestream site.

If you don’t want to use a mobile browser, you can use your smartphone’s YouTube app instead. You can download the YouTube app from Google Play or the App Store.

3.How to Watch HTC One M9 Live Stream on Set Top Boxes

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If you own a set top box, smart TV, or streaming dongle, you might want to watch the HTC One M9 livestream on your TV. However, since this livestream won’t be available live on YouTube or through a similar app, this can be a bit tricky. If you have an iOS device and an Apple TV, you can try using AirPlay Mirroring to stream from your mobile device. The URL for the live stream is ” “.

Not all set top boxes or smart TVs have web browsers. However, if you do happen to have one, you should be able to use that browser to access the livestream.

It will be far easier to use the YouTube channel on your set-top box to view the stream. If your YouTube interface lets you search by user, search for “HTC”. If you need to search by keyword or video title, search for “HTC Utopia in Progress”. Some Roku players may display an error message such as “Sorry, this video is not available in this device” when you try to play the video.

4. How to Find HTC One M9 Launch Day Live Blogs

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Following a live blog is helpful during any live stream event. Remember when the iPhone 6 live stream suffered a total meltdown? Having a live blog open in another tab (or on another device) will make sure you don’t miss a minute of the live stream, even if the video feed goes haywire.

One solid choice is CNET’s HTC One M9 live blog. This is a good option for those who want to be able to double check phone specs quickly, as well as those who want to get a sense of what is going on in Barcelona on launch day. The Verge will also have a live blog if you want a little variety.