How to Watch Samsung Galaxy S6 Live Stream Online

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone will be officially unveiled at the Samsung Unpacked event on March 1. Samsung is debuting their new device at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. You can click on the player above to watch the live stream in its entirety. The live stream will start at 6:30 p.m. Central European Time, which is 12:30 p.m. Eastern.

Images and renders of the Samsung Galaxy S6 have been slowly leaking for weeks now, and many Samsung fans are anxious to see what this new phone looks like. We’ve seen leaked photos of the S6 earbuds (which some people think look an awful lot like Apple EarPods), as well as leaked photos of the S6 Edge, which will debut on the same day as the S6.

The S6 is rumored to have a metal body, a powerful Exynos 7420 processor, an enhanced camera, and other cool new features. In addition, the phone is expected to feature LoopPay, a new competitor to Apple Pay. The S6 is expected to work with all existing Samsung wearables, trackers, and smartwatches.

In our Mobile World Congress preview post, we noted that there will be many other notable products debuting at MWC 2015. In addition to wearables and cutting edge tech, there will be a number of other smartphones on display. The biggest launch, other than the S6, is the debut of the new HTC One M9. The new HTC One phone will actually launch first, at an event two and a half hours prior to the Samsung Unpacked event. You can get info on how to watch the HTC One M9 event in our post on the HTC One live stream.

Here’s some additional information on how to watch the Samsung Unpacked event online and on mobile. You might also want to check out our S6 specs and features guide.

1. How to Watch Samsung Galaxy S6 Live Stream on Desktop

samsung galaxy s6


If you want to watch the Samsung Galaxy S6 Unpacked live stream on your desktop, you can scroll to the top of this post and watch the official livestream in the YouTube player. If you prefer to watch the Unpacked event on YouTube itself, head over to the official Samsung Mobile YouTube Channel. From there, you can watch other Samsung videos to kill some time before the live stream begins, or set a reminder for the event’s start time.

Alternatively, you can point your browser towards this official Samsung livestream page. There, you can see a countdown for the event. You will also be able to enter for a chance to win one of six Samsung Galaxy S6 phones that Samsung is giving away.

2. How to Watch Samsung Galaxy S6 Live Stream on Mobile Devices

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Want a sneak peek at the new Samsung Galaxy S6? Check out a teaser video from Samsung in the player above.

Prefer to watch the live stream of the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch on your smartphone or tablet? The simplest way to do that is to watch the stream via the YouTube app, or via a mobile browser. You can download the YouTube app from Google Play or the App Store.

We know of no restrictions on mobile browsers for this live stream, so you should be able to watch the event on any mobile browser app you choose. This is in sharp contrast to a typical Apple keynote livestream, where there are many restrictions about who can access the event on mobile. For example, for the iPhone 6 live stream, only mobile users using Safari could access the live stream. You can access the video on via a mobile browser, or visit the official Samsung livestream page.

3. How to Watch Samsung Galaxy S6 Live Stream on Set Top Boxes

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If you own a set top box (such as Roku or Apple TV) or a streaming dongle (such as Roku Stick or Chromecast), you can watch the livestream on your TV. First, make sure you have the YouTube channel on your device of choice. On some devices, you may have to download the free YouTube app from a channel store. Select the YouTube channel, and search for the Samsung livestream. If you can search by user, search for “SamsungMobile” to find the stream. If you have to search by keyword, search for longer term “Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2015 Live Stream” to find the live stream. The official title of the Unpacked live stream video on YouTube is “Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2015 Live Stream (Official)”.

Check out this YouTube guide for a list of all the set top boxes, video game consoles, smart TVs, and other devices that have a YouTube channel.

4. How to Follow a Samsung Galaxy S6 Unpacked Event Live Blog

samsung galaxy s6

Here’s a leaked render from Verus that shows how thin the “naked” S6 will be, as compared to an S6 with a relatively thin case on it. See more images in our S6 gallery.

In some cases, it can be beneficial to follow a live blog while you watch the live stream. A live blog is usually run by journalists on the ground at the event. Following a live blog is helpful in case your video feed cuts out (which happened during the iPhone 6 live stream), or in cases where you missed what the presenter was saying and want to double-check something, such as the precise specs of the phone.

Lots of websites will be doing live blog coverage of the Samsung Unpacked event. If you want to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S6 as it is revealed, we recommend following at least one live blog. CNET will be live blogging the S6 launch event here. CNET’s coverage will start 30 minutes before the Unpacked event. Based on their past live blogs, you can expect a little color commentary about the atmosphere in the room at the event before things kick off. Another option you might enjoy is the Verge live blog, which is written in a funny, wry tone.

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