Top 5 Best New Android Puzzle Games of February 2015

Just Clear All Game

A slew of pretty addictive puzzle games have hit the Google Play store for February 2015. We’ve spotted, downloaded and played a good number of brain teasing mobile games this month. These puzzles cover the gamut of number crunchers, match three puzzlers and RPG-themed match games that blend the best of both genres. Make sure you check out these five puzzlers and get up to speed on these titles that challenge your logical reasoning.

1. Just Clear All

Just Clear All mashes together the addictive nature of match three puzzlers and numerical combinations. The concept is pretty simple – switch around numbers, match theme together in small to large formations and create bigger digits as you go along. There’s a lot of fun to be had here as you spot numbers and match them up according to color and value and proceed to send your score into a new stratosphere. For fans of Threes, this puzzler is something you’ll definitely get into.

Download it here.

2. Jolly Jam

For those mobile puzzle maniacs who have a things for sweets, Jolly Jam is the way to go. This new match three puzzler tasks you with solving hundreds of stages while in the process of saving Princess Honey and the Jelly Kingdom. Along with all the jelly candies you’ll have to carefully maneuver around the board, you’ll have to contend with boss fights. There are plenty of epic combos you can pull off, which plays a huge part in keeping you enthralled with this candy filled game.

Download it here.

3. Drop 7

Zynga knows a thing or two about smash hit mobile games. One of their latest titles, Drop 7, is a strangely hypnotic puzzle game that we have a hard time stepping away from. You’ll get to play this addictive game across three separate game modes – Classic, Blitz and Sequence. Your job entails dropping colored discs with numbers on them within a 7×7 grid. Clearing the discs within each column or row involves you dropping a dis with a number that equals the number of discs in that column or row. Easy to play, hard to master.

Download it here.

4. Frutakia 2 – Slots Puzzler

Sure, we hear you. Slots games are based on pure luck and chance. The Frutakia puzzler does things a bit differently with this familiar format, though. Once you pull down that lever and see what you’ve managed to get, you actually have the choice of moving each fruit to a better spot. That way, you’ll match up the appropriate icons and score big. Pull that lever again and keep that high score going, we say. The sequel is available now and it’s much improved over its predecessor.

Download it here.

5. Runes of Camelot

Our final pick on this puzzle focused mobile games list goes to the mythical match three puzzler Runes of Camelot. The plot here follows you as you take on the role of either Arthur or Merlin’s apprentice Amelia. It’s up to either hero to stop Morgan’s evil plans by participating in match three puzzle scenarios.There are spells to cast, powerful foes to vanquish and fun minigames to hop into. This full fledged puzzler/RPG is filled with endless hours of magical action.

Download it here.