Top 5 Best New Free Android Games of February 2015

Transformers Battle Tactics

A bunch of enjoyable new games have hit the Google Play store for the month of February 2015. Among those games are tactical RPG’s, hidden object puzzle games, cute shooters and more. These five games make up our list of the mobile games you need to download and devote plenty of hours to. Android device users will certainly get a kick out of these varying experiences in the mobile game genre.

1. Transformers: Battle Tactics

The Autobots and Decepticons go to war in this new RPG take on their never-ending war. Transformers: Battle Tactics takes the iconic bots and gives them a chibi-like makeover, then pits them in 4 vs. 4 battles. The addiction factor for this mobile RPG comes from constructing a bunch of new bots, putting your superstar team together, upgrading your bots’ stats and smashing your rival humans/CPU opponents. Give this RPG a spin and dominate with favorites such as Optimus Prime or Starscream.

Download here.

2. Naval Alliance

Naval Alliance

Strategy fans will get their fill of naval action with Naval Alliance. This mobile release gives players the task of building up a fleet of warships and using your fleet to rebuild your dominance of the high seas. You’ll have to make a concerted effort to balance out your resources and upgrade your warships to the type of levels that will keep your seafaring empire alive. As far as new mobile strategy games go, Naval Alliance is one of the better new releases.

Download here.

3. Naughty Kitties

An endless runner mixed in with elements of tower defense? Yep, there’s such a thing out there and we’re pretty happy it exists. Naughty Kitties gives its users the cute decor associated with a game that features kitties. You’ll amass badass young felines and let them hop onto your airborne death machine as you shoot down baddies and pick up fish. The explosive action and colorful, cutesy graphics impress. Naughty Kitties is cute enough, but also packed with the right amount of action to make dudes give it a go.

Download here.

4. Evolve: Hunters Quest

Home console owners got to experience the asymmetrical FPS that is Evolve, while mobile devices owners got their chance to hunt with a match three puzzler. That game is the surprisingly fun Evolve: Hunters Quest. Matching up the various onscreen tokens plays a huge part in the battles taking place at the same time. You’ll hop into hundreds of missions, use your Hunters abilities to slay monsters and keep the party alive and earn points that can be used to level up in the console release.

Download here.

5. Bloons Monkey City

Bloons Monkey City is another entertaining mobile strategy release that you’ll lose plenty of time in. The buildings and graphical sheen sported in Bloons TD 5 are perfectly balanced for their use in this side game. There’s a ton of ways you can develop your custom city and keep it well guarded in a nice mix of campaign missions. Get your Monkey Towers together and make your city the one every player should be jealous of (and wanna tear down).

Download here.