Top 5 Best iPhone 6 Armband Cases

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Armband cases are a great way to keep your iPhone 6 handy when you’re running, hitting the gym, or just running errands around town. The armband leaves your hands free to lift weights, carry groceries, or hang on to the bars of your bike. If you’re ready to get an iPhone case for your arm, here are five solid options that will work with the iPhone 6. Getting ready to upgrade to iPhone 7? Check out our guide to the best iPhone 7 cases, or browse our picks for the best new iPhone 7 accessories.

1. Minisuit SPORTY Armband & Key Holder for Apple iPhone 6

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As of this writing, this armband is the best-selling cell phone armband on Amazon. For those seeking an inexpensive, comfortable, flexible armband, this is a great option. We especially like the fact that this armband has a built-in slot for your house key. Since most fitness apparel lacks pockets, this armband makes it easy to leave the house in your gym clothes, without worrying about your keys.

The band is made from neoprene, which means it is soft, but won’t stretch out over time. It can be washed with soap and water, and then air dried. There’s also a reflective strip, which can help cars see you more easily in low light conditions. Pair it with reflective fitness apparel, and you can run in safety, even at dusk or dawn.

Price: $8.95 (70 percent off)

Buy it here.


  • Inexpensive
  • Reflective
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • House key pocket


  • Limited color options
  • Top of key pocket doesn’t close
  • If your biceps are bigger than 14 inches, this may not fit
  • Could have additional reflective material
  • Some user reviews indicate some build quality issues in some units

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2. Tune Belt Armband for iPhone 6 OtterBox Defender / Commuter Series Case

(Tune Belt)

(Tune Belt)

One thing that can be annoying about most armband cases is how thin the phone area tends to be. You can usually only get the phone itself in, not the phone in another protective case. If you hate having to constantly swap your phone in and out of cases, this armband from Tune Belt might be the solution.

You can fit an iPhone 6 in a protective case within the armband, though other smartphones should fit as well. This armband is designed to work with either an OtterBox Defender or Commuter Series case.

Price: $17.95 (28 percent off)

Buy it here.


  • Affordable price
  • Saves you the hassle of removing phone from case before you hit the gym
  • Also fits select Galaxy Note devices
  • Easy to adjust
  • Extender is available for even larger arms


  • May not phones with non-approved cases
  • While this case is washable, some users have reported cases made from this material can get stinky over time
  • Limited color options
  • Not waterproof
  • Can become uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time

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3. MyBand Armband for iPhone 6

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Every other armband case on our list is designed to be worn around the bicep. But there are some times when you might want an armband that sits on your forearm instead. The MyBand is great for reading your email while you sit on a recumbent bike, but you can also use it to read guitar tabs while you practice your music, or reference a recipe while you cook dinner. Whether you need an armband for hitting the gym, doing household tasks, or enabling you to look like Leela from Futurama, this armband has got you covered.

Price: $14.99

Buy it here.


  • Great for more than just working out
  • Tons of color options
  • Has pocket for cash, cards, or keys
  • Works with “naked” device, as well as those with very thin cases
  • Machine washable and dryer safe


  • Not designed exclusively for the iPhone 6, may not be the most precise fit
  • May not be as comfortable as bands that go around a bicep
  • May not fit very overweight or muscular people
  • No perforations to let your skin breathe
  • May be hard to remove after a workout due to sweat

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4. Supcase iPhone 6 Case & Running Armband Combo

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We love this combo case. The case itself can be attached to a separate armband, allowing you to go from the office to a spin class without having to take your phone out of its case. While the color options and size options are very limited, this case will be ideal for the average iPhone 6 user who loves listening to music while they do some cardio. While the price isn’t the lowest on this list, you do essentially get two cases for the price of one.

Price: $16.99 (43 percent off)

Buy it here.


  • Like two cases for the price of one
  • Soft stretchy velcro armband fits arms from 9 inches to 21 inches
  • Doesn’t limit access to ports or jacks
  • Armband is hand-washable
  • Great for fitness fanatics


  • Only appears to be available in two colors
  • Armband can only be washed by hand, not by machine
  • Design is somewhat stiff
  • May not fit the arms of very large or muscular people
  • Some users may find case portion is not as rugged as one would like

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5. Incase Sports Armband for iPhone 6

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Incase makes a premium armband for iPhone that has a lot of smart design elements. Incase sent us a sample of this armband so we could go hands-on. There are a lot of little touches that make this one of the best options out there.

The armband is perforated, which makes it a lot more comfortable to wear during long workouts. Unlike some other bands we’ve seen, the end of this band has a hard plastic back, which makes it easier to grab and reposition. There’s also a velcro flap that ensures your phone won’t slide out of place, even if you’re doing an exercise with a lot of vertical movement.

I was concerned that I would experience some touchscreen sensitivity issues. The plastic cover on this armband is designed so it won’t impede your touchscreen, but I use a fairly thick glass screen protector. Surprisingly, the sensitivity issues were minimal. The only design issue that irked me was the hole at the bottom of the case, where your earbuds jack into the phone. The hole is placed perfectly, but it is a little tight. I expect it will loosen up over time, however. There are two holes, one on each side of the case, so you orient your phone in either direction inside the case.

Price: $34.95

Buy it here.


  • Separate storage pocket for cards, cash, or keys
  • Reflective material
  • Perforated design
  • Secure velcro closure for phone pocket
  • Plastic does not severely impact touchscreen sensitivity


  • Can’t be machine-washed or dry cleaned
  • Storage pocket lacks closure of phone pocket
  • Too thin to fit anything but a naked device
  • Prevents TouchID from working
  • Getting earbuds in place is a little cumbersome at first

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