The App Store Is Down on March 11, 2015

app store down


The App Store is down. iOS users are reporting that they are unable to access Apple’s marketplace for iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Mac Apps.

The App Store outage is affecting more than just one Apple service. In addition to the App Store, the iCloud backup service, iTunes Connect, and iBooks all went down earlier today. The iCloud service came back online by 9 a.m., but the other Apple services listed above remain broken.

According to The Next Web, the Apple outage is fairly global, with isolated pockets where some Apple service seem to be working. The report notes that the Indian App Store will let you download music, but not apps. Both the US and UK App Stores have been affected, along with many other global locations. Australia, Canada, many European countries, some African countries, and some Asian countries were also affected.

The App Store outage comes just days after Apple showcased its Apple Watch and new MacBooks during a live stream event. On Monday, the company released iOS 8.2, the latest version of the iOS operating system for Apple mobile devices.

The Chicago Tribune notes that app developers are expected to take a sales hit due to the prolonged nature of the outage. Their report notes that, at least in 2014, the App Store brought in about $27 million in revenue each day.

If you want to check the current status of the App Store or other key Apple services, you can check the Apple Services Dashboard for detailed info on what service currently is down.

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