6 Best Kids Tablets with Wifi: Your Buyer’s Guide

kids tablets with wifi

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While many parents work extra hard to raise their children without the assistance of electronic devices, the busiest parents will be unable to hide their own obsession with digital handhelds from their curious kids. As any experienced parent knows, most children ages 3-10 will want a turn with the shiny touch screen toy that you use to play games and watch videos.

And depending on how they take care of their own toys, it is probably not reasonable to trust them with your own $300 tablet. This is why many decide to opt for having a tablet just for the kids. To some the concept may seem outright irresponsible, but rest assured, most tablets made specially for kids grant the parent ever-important control over their time spent using it as well as what they use it for.

Many come with pre-loaded educational content, and considering that tablet OSes are being taught as early as grade school, just giving a child a chance to explore a digital interface can put them ahead. Parental controls make it easy to balance work with play, as well as keep kids away from websites and settings screens that can lead to trouble.

If your child is hankering for her chance to dive into self-directed electronic entertainment, consider one of the tablets below. We recognize them to be some of the best tablets available for children and parents alike.

1. Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

fire hd kids edition

As of right now, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD is the reigning champion for kids tablets. The reason for this is that the Fire HD Kids Edition is practically the same as a regular Fire HD except it comes bundled with a protective bumper case in one of three colors, plus 12 months of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited.

This means that instead of skimping on the hardware, the Fire HD comes loaded with a powerful quad-core processor, an HD 1024×600 display, front/rear facing cameras, and Amazon’s speedy Fire OS 4.0.

The addition of an Amazon FreeTime membership is probably the nicest feature you get. FreeTime Unlimited is a hand-curated subscription of over 5,000 kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games.

Beyond your free year, the service will be $2.99 a month for Amazon Prime members, but once you utilize its extensive parental controls, you will find that it is certainly worth the money. Time limits can turn off the tablet at a specific time of day, or after a specific amount of usage, and can even block specific entertainment content until educational goals are met. You can even approve specific content from the parent mode of the tablet that can be shared with the child profile.

FreeTime Unlimited offers an enormous amount of content, and will be able to please just about any child, but note that its performance is far from perfect. For instance, some users have had trouble with offline usage, and those with sensitive children have even higher demands for content control than the device can provide. However, if you can teach your kid some patience for technology, and you don’t have abnormal needs for parental controls, FreeTime Unlimited is a handy and valuable addition to this package.

This is a simple process, as Fire OS 4.0 includes the ability to create unique profiles for different users. Cooler yet, when you switch to a password-protected parental profile, you have access to the full features of the Kindle HD, making it a tablet that can still be easily shared.

The included bumper case is further complemented by a 2 Year Limited Warranty, which gives added peace of mind. It can last quite a while as well, with a decent battery life of about 8 hours.

The Kindle HD 8 comes standard with a 8inch screen and 32 GB of memory. There is a microSD slot if you need to further add expandable memory, and you might since Freetime Unlimited plus the OS itself takes up quite a bit on its own.

Price: $129.99

Buy the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet here.


  • 12 months of Amazon FreeTime
  • Kid-proof case and 2 Year Worry-Free Guarantee
  • Fully functional in parent mode


  • FreeTime Unlimited sometimes has issues with offline use
  • Navigation can be challenging

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2. nabi DreamTab HD8

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The Nabi DreamTab HD8 is Nabi’s top of the line kids tablet with WiFi, and one that is made in special partnership with Dreamworks Studios. The beautiful packaging seen in the above video unfolds as a popout of Dreamworks character like Shrek and Po of Kung Fu Panda, sure to excite users age 3-9.

As it is one of the most expensive tablets, expect the DreamTab to provide a lot of extra power that others cannot. In terms of specs, you have an 8 inch HD screen (1920×1200), an ample 16 GB of storage space expandable by a MicroSD slot, and a higher megapixel front/rear facing camera than the Fire HD.

The only thing slow about this tablet’s processor is how it handles over-the-air updates, of which there are currently a few you receive out of the box. They take longer than expected to complete, which can be a frustration if this is given as a gift to be enjoyed right away.

Externally, the tablet comes with a protective red silicone sleeve, as well as pegs on the front side that prevent the screen from being scratched when placed face down on a flat surface. There are pegs on the back for additional accessories.

There is much to do in the child-friendly Nabi Mode, and Dreamworks-based content pre-installed can keep a child busy for hours. The tablet’s stylus pen enables creative drawing in DreamPro Studio and allows your child to practice handwriting.

One of the coolest features is the Maxthon Kid-Safe Browser, which is basically a limited web browser that allows parents to use a special password to approve access to specific kid-friendly sites on the tablet.

Equally impressive is the Nabi Coin system, which rewards the user for playing educational games with virtual currency that allows them to acquire new, more entertainment-based apps and content. It can also sync up with a customizable chore list, allowing you to decide how your kid earns his/her rewards.

Parent Mode is another excellent feature, as it enables a full Android tablet, meaning you can share this tablet with ease. Time controls are powerful, allowing you to limit the time spent on a specific app, and to review the amount of time your child spends on specific tasks. You can also set a daily time limit beyond which the tablet cannot be used.

While the maximum battery life is supposedly 8 hours, user reports estimate that it is more like 4-5 hours with regular use. This is a little shorter than one would hope, but the tablet’s great reward system and fun educational games can keep a young one entertained and productive down to 0% battery, while still giving you plenty of control over the experience.

Price: $179.99 (28 percent off MSRP)

Buy the nabi DreamTab HD8 here.


  • 16 GB memory with MicroSD expansion possible
  • Fully functional in parent mode
  • Kid-friendly web browser


  • Inconsistent battery life
  • Stylus doesn’t always work
  • Slow OTA updates

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3. Dragon Touch Y88X Kids Tablet

dragon touch kids tablet


The Dragon Touch Y88X Kids Tablet is a sturdy yet inexpensive handheld device that displays its custom kid-friendly Android OS on a 7-inch bright IPS screen.

It can be easily seen from a wide angle, making it a great toy to share between two siblings. It comes pre-loaded with Disney story books and Kidoz kid-friendly content, plus you can add more through the Google Play store.

The built-in parental controls allow you to approve individual apps for use or set time use limits. You can also turn on a mode that allows the child to unlock coins so they can “purchase” their own apps.

The tablet is lightweight and durable, and it has a front and rear-facing camera so your little one can take pictures.

The battery life isn’t fantastic, but still gets around 4 hours of on-time from one charge. If this isn’t a deal-breaker for your needs, this is one of the best values in a kid’s tablet with WiFi.

Price: $69.99

Buy the Dragon Touch Y88X Kids Tablet here.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Extensive parental controls
  • Kid-friendly app store


  • Slow processor can cause lag
  • Limited battery life

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4. Kurio Xtreme

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The Kurio Xtreme is another speedy Android tablet that can bridge the gap for kids just old enough to have outgrown the educational content of the DreamTab or Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited. Yes, it’s still got a rubber bumper case, but this 7 inch (1024×600) tablet also packs some features that will be valuable into a user’s early teens.

Internally, the tablet packs a decent Atom processor, and a nice 16 GB of memory with a MicroSD expansion option. This battery, similar to the Nabi DreamTab, is rated for 8 hours of usage but can vary greatly depending on what’s running.

The Kurio Xtreme comes preloaded with over 90 apps, many of which are arguably geared towards older users. While it is still kid-friendly content, you won’t find common Android games like Angry Birds Space, Fruit Ninja, and Subway Surfers on other kids tablets. This is possibly because they lack an educational element, and are among some of the more addictive games available. That said, the KX also has some of the same educational content that Nabi tablets have, so you do get a mix.

One awesome addition Kurio made that others did not is motion control games, which use the built-in camera and an included tablet stand to provide games that get kids off the couch and moving. The review video below demonstrates this in action, but note that it does require the stand or someone to hold the tablet for full functionality.

Other features do suggest a little more mature usage as well, though, like Kurio’s Genius Internet Filtering, which still allows custom filtering and blocking, but can also be lessened in strictness as the user grows older. The tablet even includes a limited email app that allows for parent screening, and of course time controls as robust as any other kids tablet.

With a parent password, you can even download straight from the Google Play Store, but younger users are not left in the dust, as the Kurio store allows you to download curated app for children as well. You also get 24/7 customer support built right into the tablet, making it easy to utilize any feature.

Price: $144.99 (9 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Kurio Xtreme here.


  • Motion control games keep kids active
  • 16 GB memory with MicroSD expansion possible
  • 24/7 Tech support included


  • Rubber case not particularly durable
  • Inconsistent battery life
  • Screen is not Gorilla Glass

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5. LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate

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LeapFrog has been making interactive kids toys for many years, and with their newest LeapPad model, they are now bringing their game-based learning into the 21st century. With a 7 inch screen (1024×600), a touch stylus, and a front/rear facing camera for fun photo and video editing, this electronic entertainment system is closer to a full-on tablet than young children’s toys have ever been.

This tablet is best for younger kids in the age range of 4-9 years. Users of any age will benefit from the kid-tough casing, although the tablet is somewhat bulky, making it a little too heavy for much younger users and a little too childish for older users.

LeapPad’s Learning Suite includes some great pre-loaded digital learning content, but the selection is certainly not unlimited. It comes with 11 apps: Photo Fun Ultra, Art Studio Ultra, Pet Pad Party, Utility Suite, Pet Chat and more.

One the coolest ones is LeapSearch Zui, a kid-friendly web browser that provides multimedia content that has been pre-screened by parents and caregivers. Parents can further modify what content is available by blocking specific sites or adding additional ones to the browser’s approved list.

While this is plenty of pre-loaded content for some kids, those who get bored of their toys quickly will eventually want to explore additional game cartridgesor digital downloads, of which there is a staggering amount.

This much extra content could be a pitfall if it is for more finicky users, but others may enjoy the benefit of simply being able to buy or download a new game to keep their kid happy rather than having to shell out for an all-new device.

Extensive parental controls and the fact this is strictly a kids’ tablet means that content will always be age-appropriate and carefully chosen. The LeapPad Ultra comes with some computer software that adds extra functionality as well, allowing parents to monitor and limit what type of content is most used by their children. You can also set and track education goals.

The one downside of this tablet is that its 800MHz processor handles internal functions rather sluggishly, especially the web browser. The 8 GB of memory is adequate though, as its less graphically-intensive games take up minimal space, and can always be bought as individual cartridges.

Even if the tablet can run a little laggy at times, you can get up to 9 hours of battery life, meaning that it has to be plugged in and charged far less often. A good battery is invaluable if you are buying this for a child too young to handle plugging in and charging themselves, which is the exact age group for which this tablet is ideal.

Price: $89.76 (10 percent off MSRP)

Buy the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate here.


  • Highly educational content
  • Extensive parental controls
  • Kid-friendly web browser
  • Great battery life


  • Slow processor can cause lag
  • Limited pre-loaded content
  • Low tech graphics
  • Not WiFi-compatible

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6. Vtech Innotab 3

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The Vtech Innotab 3, as its bulky shape and simple menus might suggest, is an alternative option to the LeapPad Ultra, which likewise has a younger target audience than other tablets on this list. The Innotab Max is intended for ages 3-9, though one could see interest waning at age 6 or 7.

Kids in this age group will appreciate the bright 4.3-inch display and the flip stand that doubles as a protective cover with a handle. The Innotab Max also has a 180° Rotating Camera for front or rear use.

You get 15 onboard apps (plus more when you register online), including Wonder Cam Max, Movie Maker and my Magic Beanstalk. Among others is a kid-friendly web browser, time controls, and VTech Kid Connect, which your kid can use to communicate with any parent-approved device that has the Kid Connect app installed. Many apps have educational content, and more apps can be added via cartridges or Vtech’s Learning Lodge store.

Performance is a little sluggish, and although the tablet includes a stylus to help develop writing skills, the screen is often easier to use with a finger. It has 8 GB of memory, and features a microSD slot which allows you to expand by up to 32 GB. You also get an HDMI out port for displaying video content on a larger screen.

The battery life is supposed to be 6+ hours, but it is realistic to expect less than that. Given that time spent with electronic toys should be limited, this is not a terrible downside, but one to consider nonetheless.

Price: $79.99 (27 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Vtech Innotab Max here.


  • MicroSD expansion possible up to 32 GB
  • HDMI out
  • Kid-friendly web browser


  • Sluggish performance
  • Not WiFi-compatible
  • Bulky design

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