Quik Pod Selfie Stick: One of the Best Cheap Monopods

Shopping for a selfie stick can be tough. They all sort of start to look the same after a while. But even though most selfie sticks share a similar form factor, they can range wildly in price. If you want a simple, basic selfie stick with a few cool features, the Quik Pod is a good choice. It actually works as a selfie stick, or as a tripod. It costs about $30, but you can often find it online for around $20. The Quik Pod can be used in several different configurations, including tripod or monopod. While it has been discontinued by the manufacturer, you can still find it online without much trouble. The selfie stick works with any camera or camcorder with a universal screw in the base, and can be extended or retracted to give you just the right angle. The retracted size is 7.5 inches, which means it can fit easily into most camera bags, backpacks, or even oversized purses. When fully extended, it measures 18.5 inches. It weighs just 3.5 ounces. If you like the looks of this Quik Pod selfie stick, but want something a bit more rugged, you should check out Quik Pod's beefier "Quik Pod SPORT" offering. While it isn't as versatile as the regular Quik Pod, it does have the major benefit of enhanced waterproofing. That means you can use it underwater, as well as during rainy outdoor events. The Quik Pod SPORT is able to extend to 39 inches, and it weighs a scant 7.3 ounces. Either the Quik Pod or Quik Pod SPORT will work for most people, but the regular Quik Pod is a bit cheaper. If you want to see the regular Quik Pod selfie stick from every angle, click through our gallery to see all of the possible configurations for this top-rated selfie stick. If you want the best selfie stick for your money, this option is a solid contender.

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