Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Accessories

samsung galaxy s6 accessories

The all-new Samsung Galaxy S6 may be Samsung’s best-ever smartphone. While we’re definitely excited about all the new features on this cutting edge smartphone, even the best smartphone can be improved with the right accessories. Can’t wait to buy a new Samsung Galaxy S6? Here are ten of the best accessories that will let you get the most out of your new phone. Whether you want to get fit, listen to music, or just take better photos, the following accessories will make it even more fun to use your S6. Please note that some of the images below are placeholders, since the S6 is so new, and so many manufacturers haven’t had actual phones or phone images to use yet when making their promotional materials.

1. Any Pebble Smartwatch

Check out the video review above, where one user shares his thoughts about the Pebble Steel after wearing it for two weeks.

Yes, Samsung has a huge crop of wearables, including fitness trackers and smartwatches. But there are some valid arguments for going outside of the Samsung ecosystem to get your wearable fix. For one thing, Pebble has arguably had a little more time to work the kinks out of their wearables. The first-gen Pebble and the original Samsung Galaxy Gear came out the same year, but Samsung’s attention was divided across far more wearables than Pebble. One could argue that Pebble was able to focus more on each device, since they had fewer devices to monitor. Some Pebble wearables are also cheaper than what Samsung has on offer. One last benefit? If you tend to change phones often, and aren’t loyal to Samsung, it makes sense to buy a wearable that works across multiple Android devices, as well as on iOS if you ever decide to make that leap.

People who appreciate good design will love the Pebble’s elegant lines and customizable faces. Plus, the Pebble syncs with a ton of apps you probably already use. The battery life can last up to a week between charges. The Pebble is the base model, with the Pebble Steel being the more premium Pebble offering. The latest addition to the Pebble family is the color display Pebble Time. The Kickstarter for that campaign is ongoing, but it has been fully funded.

Buy the Pebble smart watch here.

Buy the Pebble Steel smart watch here.

Support the Pebble Time’s Kickstarter here.

  • Available in five color options
  • Battery can go up to to seven days between charges
  • Works with a variety of fitness, music, and notification apps
  • User-friendly
  • Tons of customization options

  • No mic
  • Works best with Android devices with Android 4.0 and up, iOS devices running iOS 6.0 and up
  • You may have to pay for some apps to get the most out of the watch
  • Some user reviews indicate customer support is so-so
  • Bluetooth connectivity can sometimes be spotty

Find more information and reviews of the Pebble here.

2. Looq Selfie Stick

best selfie stick


One of the most popular low-end selfie sticks is the Looq, a universal selfie stick that will hold any phone that’s up to 3.35 inches wide. That’s sufficient to handle pretty much any smartphone Samsung makes. If you want to use your new S6 on vacation, this selfie stick can make sure you get a nice wide angle for your shot. The S6 has lots of great features for photographers built right in, but adding a selfie stick into the mix can help you take an even more varied range of photos.

Price: $19.99

Buy it here.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • No battery or Wi-Fi to mess with
  • Extends to over 40 inches in length
  • Adjustable phone holder section can fit any phone up to 3.35 inches wide


  • No Bluetooth
  • Pole collapses down to about 8.5 inches, which may be cumbersome to carry
  • Only works with certain apps
  • Limited warranty
  • Could be more rugged

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3. Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for Samsung Galaxy S6

samsung galaxy s6 cases


Spigen’s Neo Hybrid case is a solid choice for your first S6 case. The current generation of Neo Hybrid cases for the S5 is generally well-reviewed, with an average customer score of 4.4/5 on as of this writing. Spigen also has a whole slew of other S6 cases you can order now, including the clear Air Cushioned Bumper case, as well as the uniquely textured Strong Flex S6 case.

Price: $21.99

Buy it here.

  • Multiple color options
  • Based on a case that was well-reviewed for the S5
  • Made from multiple materials for added strength
  • Looks cool
  • Affordable

  • Not particularly rugged
  • Not waterproof
  • No added features like battery or wallet slot
  • Button covers only look like metal, but are not real metal

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4. Spigen Galaxy S6 Screen Protector

samsung galaxy s6 screen protector


It would not be ideal if you cracked your S6’s screen on Day 1. To prevent damage to your device’s screen, we recommend a screen protector like this one from Spigen. It is designed to protect your screen, but without noticeably altering image quality or touchscreen sensitivity. If you want to avoid the hassle and expense of replacing your screen, this is a smart investment.

Price: $9.99

Buy it here.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Trusted brand
  • Clear design
  • Designed not to leave a residue behind
  • Comes in a pack of two screen protectors for front of device

  • Not designed for use as privacy film
  • Film, not tempered glass
  • We expect other screen protectors for the S6 will have a higher hardness rating and improved scratch resistance

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5. ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20000mAh External Battery

best samsung galaxy s6 accessories


Designed to work with a wide range of Android phones, this charger is great because it doesn’t require an outlet to power it back up. We also like the fact that this charger is water-resistant and shockproof. If you plan on taking your S6 on a camping trip, this would be a great accessory to add to your bag. It has enough capacity to recharge your S6 several times.

Price: $79.99 (20 percent off)

Buy it here.

  • Water-resistant
  • High capacity
  • Shockproof
  • Also available in other capacities
  • Built-in LED flashlight

  • Expensive
  • Somewhat bulky
  • Limited number of recharge cycles over the life of the battery

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6. Obliq EX Universal Car Mount

Learn more about this versatile car accessory in the video above.

This Obliq mount fits a variety of smartphones, and it’s great for people who need to travel for work. Whether you drive long hours for your job, or are constantly on the go with your family, this car mount gets the job done. It is available in white/gold, or black/silver.

Buy it here.

  • Versatile design holds your phone, as well as drinks or snacks
  • Available in three colors to suit your car’s interior
  • Will work with any smartphone up to six inches
  • Fully adjustable with 360 degree rotation
  • Can be mounted with just one hand

  • Washable gel type suction cup may not adhere to all surfaces
  • Car mount may lose sticking ability in very hot or humid climates
  • Depending on how bulky your case is, you may need to remove case from your phone prior to mounting
  • Some users have experienced pads falling off shortly after installation

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7. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

samsung galaxy s6 accessories

(Harman Kardon)

Want to play the music on your S6 with room-filling sound? This wireless Bluetooth speaker is ideal for audiophiles. H/K is a beloved brand that makes great receivers, speakers, and audio equipment. While this speaker is a bit expensive, it’s perfect for people who are sick of cheap-sounding audio. Plus, it will work with a whole host of other Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and tablets, so it can be shared among colleagues or family members.

Price: $180 (55 percent off)

Buy it here.

  • Harman Kardon is a respected brand
  • Looks cool
  • Works with pretty much any Bluetooth device
  • Designed to give you deep bass

  • Only goes about five hours between charges
  • Limited port selection
  • Limited color options
  • Expensive

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8. MOGA Hero Power Controller

mobile gaming controllers


Love mobile gaming? Hate having your screen obscured by your own thumbs? A mobile gaming controller may be the perfect accessory for a gamer who plans to push the S6’s graphics to the limit.

This controller is not device-specific, and should work with any Android device that meets certain base requirements. According to their support page, the Hero Power controller has two modes. “A” mode works with devices running Android OS 2.3 (Gingerbread) or higher. “B” mode works with Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) or higher. However, it is possible that this accessory may have some unforeseen issues with the new Galaxy S6 that may be resolved quickly after launch. We’ll know more once the S6 is actually in the hands of gamers and reviewers.

Price: $33.30 (44 percent off)

Buy it here.

  • Works with a range of Android devices
  • Charge your phone while you play with a rechargeable 1800mAh battery
  • Dual, clickable analog sticks
  • Locking arm
  • Can also be used to play mobile games on your TV screen

  • Smaller battery than some other options on the market
  • Some people have reported charging issues
  • Enjoyment of controls may vary from game to game
  • May be outside of some budgets

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9. Samsung Multi-Charging USB Charger Cable

samsung galaxy s6 accessories


If everyone in your house has a Samsung phone like the S6, this cable will let all of you charge your devices at once. In addition to charging smartphones, this multi-USB cable can also power your Bluetooth headset or wearable device. One cool thing is that the flow of power depends on how many device you are charging. For example, if you were charging just two devices at once, they would charge faster than if you had something charging through all three of the cables.

Price: $21.55 (46 percent off)

Buy it here.

  • Charges multiple items at once
  • Charges wide array of devices
  • Made by Samsung
  • Power adjusts based on number of devices being charged

  • Not the longest cable out there
  • Limited color options
  • May tangle if not stored properly

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10. Samsung LEVEL Over Wireless Headphones

samsung galaxy s6 accessories


Looking for quality headphones from Samsung? These Samsung-made headphones are ideal for any S6 owner who wants a wireless design. These headphones also feature active noise canceling, S-Voice commands, and simple tap-to-pair design. There’s also an “Ear Care” notification to prevent hearing loss in situations where you are tempted to crank up the volume. Designed to be used with the Samsung Level app, these headphones will be a great fit for you, no matter what style of music you listen to.

Price: $310.53 (11 percent off)

Buy it here.

  • S-Voice enabled
  • Made by Samsung
  • Plays nice with Milk Music
  • Uses soft, comfortable materials
  • Attractive design

  • Expensive
  • Bulky (Those seeking earbuds should check out the LEVEL In instead)
  • Less than a day of talk/listening time
  • Fit may not be ideal for all head shapes and ear shapes

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