Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Accessories

samsung galaxy s6 edge accessories


The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is an unusual phone, but it does have a couple of very cool features. Thinking about getting this cool new phone? You’ll want to pair it with the best accessories on the market. Whether you want to keep your new phone from getting damaged, take advantage of its wireless charging capabilities, or just make it look cool, here are five accessories that you should definitely get for the S6 Edge.

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1. Qi Infinity Power Wireless Desktop Charger

s6 edge accessories


Both the S6 and S6 Edge have wireless charging capabilities. Both phones will work with the two main wireless charging standards: WPC and PMA. This Qi charger operates under the WPC standard, so it should work with the new S6 line, as well as many other smartphones that support wireless charging. This charger has a one year warranty. We like it because you can place it on a desk and use it as a media stand while your device charges.

Price: $44.95 (25 percent off)

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2. BOMEA Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Protector

s6 edge screen protectors


Because of the S6’s unique screen, it can be hard to find a screen protector that works for this device. One option is this screen protector from BOMEA, which is designed to give you a bubble-free application. The screen protector includes a microfiber cloth to remove dust prior to application. If you want to protect your screen from fingerprints or cracks, this is a solid choice.

Price: $7.99 (68 percent off)

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3. Universal 3 in 1 Camera Lens Kit

s6 edge accessories


This universal lens kit works for a wide range of phones, including other Samsung Galaxy phones. The kit includes fisheye, macro, and wide angle lenses. If you want to take your Instagram photos to the next level, these cool lenses let you express your creativity in fun new ways. The lenses are available in a number of different colors, so you can pick a color that contrasts or complements the color of your S6 Edge.

Price: $19.99 (60 percent off)

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4. WolVol In-Ear Headphones With Mic & LED Flashing Lights

s6 edge accessories


One of the cool features of the S6 Edge is the ability to set up custom color flashes to indicate who is calling you. If you want to carry that flashing color through your accessories, one cool option to consider are these flashing headphones from Wolvol. They are also available in pink and blue, and have a mic built in so you can answer calls on the go.

Price: $28.94 (42 percent off)

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5. Samsung Universal USB Extended Battery (9000mAh)

s6 edge accessories


Have a large stable of Samsung phones and tablets in your house? This universal charger from Samsung will recharge both smartphones and tablets. The beefy 9000mAh battery can recharge a smartphone like the S6 Edge multiple times. An LED indicator lets you know how much battery is remaining. The charger is a bit large, but it’s still definitely portable enough to carry in a bag or briefcase.

Price: $59.99 (63 percent off)

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