What’s the Best iPhone 6 Case?

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Tired of cheap iPhone 6 cases that last for a couple of months before they get damaged, faded, or just plain “meh”? The solution to your “I hate my iPhone 6 case” woes is simple: time to get a new case. If you’re ready to drop some serious dough on a quality iPhone 6 case, there are lots of great cases out there that will stand the test of time (or at the very least, last until your next upgrade). Here are the best battery, waterproof, leather, rugged, and minimalist cases for the iPhone 6. No matter what style of case you gravitate towards, there’s something on this list that will appeal to your sensibilities.

1. Best Waterproof iPhone 6 Cases: LifeProof Fre & LifeProof Nuud

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The LifeProof Fre (L) and LifeProof Nuud (R). (LifeProof)

LifeProof is arguably the leading name in waterproof iPhone cases. There are two styles of waterproof case available. The LifeProof Fre has a built-in screen protector, while the LifeProof Nuud remains waterproof, but doesn’t have a built-in screen protector at all. Other than the screen protector, these two cases are basically identical, though the Fre does have some additional color options. The Nuud does cost slightly more than the Fre.

This case is rated at IP68 for waterproofing and snow proofing. You can use either of these cases underwater at a depth of two meters, but only for about an hour. Both cases come with a special adapter that you’ll need to use for your headphones. Both cases are completely compatible with TouchID.

Price: $79.99 for the Fre, $89.99 for the Nuud (some colors available on sale)

Buy the LifeProof Fre iPhone 6 case here.

Buy the ifeProof Nuud iPhone 6 case here.

2. Best iPhone 6 Battery Case: OtterBox Resurgence iPhone 6 Case

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There are lots of battery cases out there, and finding the right one for your needs can be tough. One of the best options you can buy is the OtterBox Resurgence, a relatively recent entrant to the battery case world. There are four great reasons to love this battery case for the iPhone 6.

First, it’s got a 2,600 mAh battery, which more than doubles your iPhone 6’s battery life. While there are battery cases out there with a bigger battery, the size of this battery gives you a nice balance between extended battery life and a slim, lightweight case. There’s also an auto stop feature, which means the case will stop charging when your phone battery is full.

There’s a handy line of LED indicators to help you estimate how much juice you’ve got left. Best of all, this case is rugged. It has been tested to meet military drop test standards. Plus, it comes in lots of fun colors (a plus in a case category where most of the options tend to be black).

Price: $99.95

Buy the OtterBox Resurgence iPhone 6 case here.

3. Best Minimalist iPhone 6 Case: Ventev Regen Self-Healing iPhone 6 Case

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Some of the other cases on our list too rich for your blood? Just not a fan of bulky cases? Your idea of the creme de la creme of iPhone 6 cases may be a thin, minimalist case. One of the best thin case options out there is the Ventev Regen, which is unique because of it’s self-healing design. It also has a lifetime warranty, so you can feel confident that it will look great for months and months. This case is available in clear, or translucent pink.

Price: $24.99

Buy the Ventev Regen self-healing iPhone 6 case here.

4. Best Leather iPhone 6 Case: Alston Craig Leather Wallet Case With RFID Blocking

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(Alston Craig)

Looking for a leather case, or a wallet case? This iPhone 6 case from Alston Craig is made from premium leather, but it’s also got some high-tech features built right in. The most notable feature here, other than the quality of the design, is the RFID blocking technology. This helps to protect your personal information from skimmers and scammers. There are two card slots, giving you space for your license and a credit card. The blend of leather and fabric details really elevates this design, and makes the whole case feel more premium than other options out there.

Price: $101.99

Buy the Alston Craig leather wallet case with RFID blocking here.

5. Best Rugged iPhone 6 Case: Element Case iPhone 6 Sector Pro Case

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A rugged case, ideally one made out of metal, is a great way to keep your phone protected when you live an active lifestyle. This rugged metal case is made from high-quality aluminum. The rear of the case has a carbon fiber back plate, which adds strength (and just looks cool). The whole case has been tested to meet military drop test standards. If you’ve been disappointed with supposedly “rugged” cases in the past, this durable case is designed to live up to its promises of strength and impact resistance.

Price: $139.95

Buy the Element Case iPhone 6 Sector Pro Case here.

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