How to Use the Weather Channel Weather App

Back before smartphones or apps there was the Weather Channel. Instead of checking your phone before leaving the house, you had to turn on the TV to see the forecast. Now you can take them with you. The app has everything the channel had and more. Get everything you can out of the app with this walkthrough. Find more apps in our Top 5 Best Weather Apps.

Download here for Apple.

Download here for Android.



pat durrett

We all know why Sam champion requested the earlier show.people aren’t stupid you know. Jennifer the reason.she is so flurty. Why you put up with that? I don’t watch the weather channel if she is on there. You should’ve got rid of her instead of the others…like AL Riker or Vivian brown. Two of my favs….Jennifer delgato is not a good weather person ….get rid of her and bring back the others….please

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