Top 5 Best New Android Puzzle Games of April 2015

Num Smash

For the month of April 2015, a slew of great Android games have debuted on the Google Play Store. We’ve covered the wide gamut of awesome titles existing within the action, strategy and racing genre. Now we have arrived at the puzzle genre, which is also full of some great mind-bending releases. The top 5 best new Android puzzle games for the month of April 2015 have arrived. We’re going to do right by all you mobile gamers out there and offer you the best puzzle experiences out there.

1. Num Smash

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Num Smash should be instantly familiar and fun to fans of games like Threes, 1024 and 2048. The premise is simple but tough to master – move different tiles around the board that, when in contact, merge into one tile when they are the same number. The process starts out simple enough as you make number combinations with several numbered tiles. There’s a wide array of challenging levels to test your number crunching brain with, so Num Crunch is an excellent puzzler to grow enamored with.

Download it here.

2. Jelly Bloom – Match 3

Jelly Bloom

The sweet candies and other assorted pastries and candies associated with Candy Crush Saga can be found within Jelly Bloom – Match 3. There’s a good amount of special jelly candies that pop up on each level, level requirements that task you with fulfilling number candy conditions and boss fight encounters. With more than 140 levels to enjoy and the bonuses derived from daily log-in’s, Candy Crush fans have an alternative title to get addicted to.

Download it here.

3. Block Heroes Tap Puzzle

Block Heroes Tap Puzzle

Instead of crunching numbers and candies, you’ll be dealing with multicolored blocks. Block Heroes Tap Puzzle gives you access to a large collection of levels that test your patience as you match up blocks. Eliminating all those blocks means you’ll have to use all manners of power-up’s that come your way, such as bombs and block color changes. The soothing soundtrack and spacey visuals will place you into a whole new universe while you play.

Download it here.

4. Monster Hunt

Monster Hunt!

Now we have arrived at a puzzle game that features cute version of your favorite beasts. Monster Hunt places a bunch of scary yet super cute versions of famed creatures on the puzzle board – ghosts, Frankenstein, skulls. mummies etc. All you have to do is match up the same monsters to pop ’em, clear ’em from the board and build up your current stage tally. Simple, right? The challenge tends to ratchet up pretty quickly as you climb through more than 250 puzzles, so you’ll be kept busy with this game.

Download it here.

5. Candy Bubble Rush

Candy Bubble Rush – gameplayCandy Bubble Rush is a Facebook based social game, puzzle, a bubble-popping game, free to play on Facebook, from Qublix. Seems it's no trouble in the land of Bubbles and Candy, but someone has stolen the secret Candy recipe book and now Candies are becoming extinct. The player are their last hope…2013-09-11T08:11:18Z

Our final Android puzzle game pick lets you step into the animated paws of a koala bear as you pop bubbles. Your cute koala bear must free its animal buddies by popping the bubbles it’s trapped in. Like other games of it’s kind, you’ll use your cannon shooter to aim colored bubbles at similiar ones. You can amass your points, build up huge combos, use power-ups and do more to bring up your star score level.

Download it here.