Top 5 Best New Android Strategy Games of April 2015


This month’s lineup of Android strategy games are full of quality releases. One of them comes from the brains behind legendary games in the genre – Rise of Nations and Civilization II. That should let you know how great of mobile strategy game one of our picks is. The rest of our top five best Android strategy games of April 2015 are just as good as our aforementioned title. Prepare to rule your empire by checking out these awesoem Android strategy games.

1. DomiNations

DomiNations will give Clash of Clans something deeper and it some cases more fun to sink their teeth into. You’ll select an empire that can filled with real units from historic empires – the British, Roman, Chinese, German, French, Japanese or Greek. The deep gameplay features elements of empire building, mercenary hiring, troop employment and fun single/co-op campaign runs. The action gets chaotic as you do battle with invading armies and protect your kingdom. DomiNations is a quality take on the mobile strategy genre.

Download it here.

2. Titan Empires

Speaking of Clash of Clans, Titan Empires offers a fun spin on the familiar fort attacking/defending formula. You’ll get access to your own custom Titan army and look to dominate other empires along the way. While you destroy other forts, you’ll pick up valuable treasure and fight for the top spot. You’ll get to build and upgrade your own fort, fend off opposing armies and see your name climb to the top of the Grandmaster Season board.

Download it here.

3. Crowntakers

Crowntakers provides a different take on mobile strategy games due to its ties to roguelike games. You’ll command your miniature hero as he navigates across the world in tiles. You’ll travel to a bunch of different locales and acquire even more party members as you discover this game’s vast world. Everyone’s progress through Crowntakers will be different from their peers, so a fresh experience awaits anyone who ventures into its world.

Download it here.

4. Tiny Guardians

The cartoony visuals of Tiny Guardians will probably be the deciding factor in getting you to download it. Once you figure out the interesting take on tower defense featured in this title, you’ll grow to appreciate it any more. As you travel through summoner Lunalie’s world, you’ll have to protect her by summoning guardians from 12 different classes. The battles get pretty hectic due to the wide range of enemies and bosses. The wonderful visuals and addictive person defense gameplay stays fun throughout the Story and Challenge mode variations.

Download it here.

5. Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires’ main mechanic is as follows – you’ll maneuver through out the annals of history as you construct your own city and transform it into a grand kingdom. As you develop new technologies and bring other empires into your fold, you’ll travel through different stages and become even more technically proficient. Partnering with other territories means you can use your intellect or your brawn, so you can rule the world through your preferred means. Developing your historic city may take long, but it’s fun throughout the entire process.

Download it here.