Top 5 Best New Laptop Bags for the 12-Inch MacBook

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Buying one of those cool new 12-inch MacBooks? Here are some great laptop bags you can use to store your your MacBook, and all your other Apple gear. The new MacBook is billed as a 12-inch model, which is a reference to the diagonal measurement of the screen. However, when shopping for a bag that will fit your new MacBook, you should focus on the actual laptop dimensions. The new “12-inch” MacBooks are 11.04 inches wide, with a depth of 7.74 inches. The design tapers slightly from front to back, with the height topping out at a little over half an inch. Make sure that the bag you select has enough room to store a laptop this size. In some cases, you may want a little extra wiggle room, particularly if you plan to store your new MacBook in a padded sleeve.

Whether you are a student, a working professional, or just a busy parent, one of these five laptop bags will suit your needs. We’ve picked bags that offer enough room for this new MacBook, often with a little extra wiggle room. Our list includes bags for men, as well as bags that have a more feminine touch. Read on to see our top five picks.

1. Evecase Laptop Briefcase

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This bag is designed to fit small laptops that range from 12.5 inches to 13.3 inches, which ensures you won’t have to struggle to get your MacBook out from this bag. There are pockets for storing your smartphone, as well as big pockets for those bulky power cords. You can carry this laptop bag by the handles, or use the shoulder strap.

There’s also a handy luggage strap, which will make it easy to attach your bag to your rolling luggage while you walk through an airport. This is a great laptop bag for new MacBook owners who travel for business, or just need to get around campus with a slim bag.

Price: $27.99 (44 percent off MSRP)

Buy an Evecase laptop briefcase here.

2. Kamor 12-Inch MacBook/Laptop Bag

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Striding the line between MacBook bag and MacBook sleeve, this simple carrying case is a nice home for your new MacBook. The interior of the bag is fully lined to prevent scratches and dings, while the outside layer uses water-resistant materials to protect your new computer from heavy fog or light rain.

If your wallet is feeling a little light after dropping so much cash on a new MacBook, the low price of this laptop bag is definitely going to be appealing. This bag also fits a variety of non-MacBook laptops, as well as tablets. Outer pockets give you a place to store your phone, charging cables, external battery packs, or other tech accessories.

Price: $14.99

Buy a Kamor 12-Inch MacBook/Laptop Bag here.

3. Kinmac Bohemian Laptop Shoulder Bag

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This bag is roomy enough to hold laptops up to 13.3 inches, which gives you enough wiggle room to put your new MacBook into a sleeve and then store it in this cute bag. The main pocket of this bag has more than enough space for a new MacBook, and you can even put some small accessories in there.

On the front of the bag, there are two additional zippered pockets for accessory storage. Phones, chargers, and headphones should all fit nicely in those front pockets. A zippered pocket on the rear of the back gives you a place to stash your wallet, keys, documents, or other personal items.

Price: $49.99 (29 percent off)

Buy a Kinmac Bohemian Laptop Shoulder Bag here.

4. Graceship Laptop Bag



This leather bag from Graceship is ideal for any woman who needs to tote around her laptop in style. This bag was designed by a former TV journalist, which means the woman who designed this bag knows how to balance form and function.

This laptop bag will fit any tablet or laptop up to 15.4 inches. That makes it a little roomy for the new 12-inch MacBook, but that extra wiggle room is actually a good thing. If you store your laptop in a padded sleeve, or need to carry a lot of essentials to transition from the office to your evening plans, that extra room is handy.

This bag has plenty of storage pockets, and it comes with a one-year warranty. With all the money you’ve spent to get a new MacBook, you really should make sure that your new laptop is being kept in a rugged, thoughtfully-constructed bag.

Price: $215

Buy the Graceship laptop bag here.

5. Sumo 13-Inch Laptop Purse

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Available in your choice of red or black, this laptop bag from Sumo gives you ample storage space for the relatively petite new MacBook. If you use a padded sleeve on your MacBook, or plan on buying one of those rugged clamshell cases, you’ll be glad you have a little extra room in the laptop compartment. That being said, the cushy, padded corduroy computer compartment in this bag may convince you that it’s okay to leave your new MacBook “naked”, at least for the timing being.

This Sumo bag has a handy pocket on the front of the bag, sort of near the bottom. It’s a great place to stash a little emergency cash, but you could also use it to hold your iPod. The bag has enough room for additional books or notebooks, making this great for both business and student use. Lots of interior pockets make it easy to stay organized.

Price: $83.15 and up, depending on color selected

Buy a Sumo 13-Inch Laptop Purse here.

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