Western Digital My Passport X Review: A Dream Device for Xbox One & PC Gamers

My Passport X

The Xbox One has only been about since 2013 and console owners have already run into the issue of running out of hard drive space. This new generation of console gaming means every game you own has to be downloaded to your hard drive. Along with games, separate apps and save files for those games are filling up your console’s internal hard drive mighty fast. Western Digital realized how much of an issue this is for gamers, which is why they’ve created a godsend in the form of their My Passport X portable hard drive.

My Passport X

Hooking up the My Passport X to your PC or Xbox One is a super simple process. The instructions included with this product are so easy that you may not even need to look at them to start using your device. Simply using the USB plug included with the My Passport X and hooking it up to your console of choice enables it to be quickly optimized. Once the initialization process is complete, you’ll gain an additional 2TB of additional storage. This portable hard drive is so essential for Xbox Owners. This USB 3.0 durable device is capable of storing up to 50 games, which should save gamers the trouble of deleting old games to make room for new ones. One of the coolest features of the My Passport X is its ability to take it with you to other Xbox One consoles to access your downloaded games and saves. This portable hard drive saves so much time and effort for Xbox One owners who wish to re-download their games and saves.


My Passport X

Simply put, the My Passport X is an essential device for PC and Xbox One owners. The cool sleek design, nearly infinite amount of hard drive space and its ability to be transported to bring games and its save files to other home consoles should make purchasing one an easy decision. The super affordable price, easy setup and fast-transfer rate also makes the My Passport X even more of a much needed item for Xbox One owners. Entering this generation of gaming with this device will grant you unlimited space for unlimited games.


  • Super expansive hard drive space perfect for PC and console gamers
  • Great for Xbox One gamers who want to bring their game save files and downloads to other consoles
  • Incredibly easy setup


  • None to speak of, honestly…

Our Rating: 5 out of 5.0

Buy the WD My Passport X 2 TB Portable Hard Drive here.

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