Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases Everyone Should Own

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Some people can get away with having just one phone case for their Samsung Galaxy S6. One case is better than no protection at all, but savvy S6 owners know that it’s hard to find one case that works all the time. Owning more than one S6 phone case might seem like overkill to some, but it’s actually a smart move. Depending on what the day has in store for you, it’s possible that you’ll want to change up your case to better face the unique challenges of your schedule. There may be days when you know you’ll be far from a charger, or days when you fear that water might damage your brand new phone. If you want to fill your gear drawer with useful accessories, you should seriously consider adding some new cases into your rotation. Here are five types of phone cases every S6 should keep in their gear drawer. Some cases featured below are also available for the S6 Edge.

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1. Best Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S6 Case: Tethys Universal Waterproof Bag

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The LifeProof Fre Samsung Galaxy S6 case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is arguably one of the best waterproof cases on the market, but it does have some major drawbacks. It’s very expensive, and it won’t fit phones other than the S6. When you upgrade, you’ll have to shell out more cash for another very expensive case.

For folks on a budget, we recommend a waterproof dry bag instead of a custom-fit case. Bags usually have a little more wiggle room than cases. Don’t be thrown by the image above. While this waterproof pouch is designed to work with the iPhone, it will also work with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, as well as many other smartphones. While this style of case would be cumbersome for everyday use, a waterproof pouch is the perfect waterproofing solution for people who only need occasional submersion protection. You can use this bag to protect your S6, your friend’s phone, or any future phone you might purchase that will fit in the bag. Plus, the bag also lets you waterproof your other essentials, such as a wallet, jewelry, or car keys.

Price: $8.50 (57 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Tethys Waterproof Case here.

2. Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Case: NewNow 4200mAh Battery Case

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This case is available for both the S6 and S6 Edge. On those days when you know you’re going to be far from a wall charger, a battery case can help you extend the life of your S6.

This battery case has enough juice to fully recharge your S6, with a decent amount of battery life left for another top-off later in the day. It’s also relatively thin, at least compared to some other battery cases out there. This case is designed to prevent overcharging, which is a nice feature to help protect your device. An S6 battery case can augment or replace other charging devices, such as a car charger or external portable battery pack.

Price: $23.99

Buy the NewNow 4200mAh Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 here.

3. Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Case: Damda Slide

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For S6 owners who like to travel light, or rarely wear clothes with pockets, a wallet case is a solid choice. It’s an especially nice accessory for the gym, since you can stash your ID or debit card right inside the case. The Damda Slide is a hard wallet case with a sliding compartment, and it’s surprisingly thin for a case with an added storage area. This slim case has room for two cards, but no more than that. If you want a wallet case that has a secure compartment for cards, and no annoying folio flap to cover your screen, this form factor would be ideal for your needs.

Price: $24.99 (38 percent off)

Buy the Verus Damda Slide S6 case here.

4. Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Kickstand Case: OBLIQ Heavy Duty SKYLINE ADVANCE Samsung Galaxy S6 Case

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Searching for an S6 case that features a built-in kickstand? These kind of cases are often inexpensive, but they add a nice bit of functionality to your device. A fold-out kickstand is ideal for people who need to do a lot of video-chatting for work, or for those who like to watch movies on their phone. It’s also handy to use a kickstand so you can read recipes on your phone while you cook.

The case is marketed as being thin enough to not interfere with wireless charging, which is a nice perk. If you’ve dealt with too-thick cases that had to be removed prior to placing your phone on a wireless charging pad, this case may intrigue you.

Price: $17.99 (49 percent off MSRP)

Buy the OBLIQ Heavy Duty SKYLINE ADVANCE Samsung Galaxy S6 Case here.

5. Best ‘Cool’ Samsung Galaxy S6 Case: VWTECH Natural Wood Case

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Sometimes, you just need a phone case that looks cool. Unusual phone cases can be a great icebreaker at parties, as well as a simple way to express your unique personality. One “cool case” option we like are these natural wood cases from VWTECH. They feel nice in your hand, and they’re bound to get you a lot of compliments. The interior is lined to prevent scratches on your device, while the case itself breaks down into two pieces to make it easy to remove. Available wood finishes include pear wood, bamboo, and walnut. Some cases even have designs burned into them, adding even more personality to the case design.

Price: $16.98

Buy a VWTECH Samsung Galaxy S6 Wood Case here.

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