Top 5 Best Kids Games for iPhone
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Top 5 Best Kids Games for iPhone

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Children come out of the womb knowing how to use an iPhone. Download some games they can play around with that either help with reading comprehension or math, or just provide a bit of silly fun. All of these apps are safe for kids to play and don’t have any violence or bad language. Some even come with locks so kids can’t mess around with the settings or leave the app and get into something they shouldn’t. Look no further for silly family fun.

Some of these games have in-app purchases. If you’re worried about your kid accidentally spending real money, turn them off by going to Settings, then General, then Restrictions. About half-way down the menu, you’ll see In-App Purchases. Toggle that to off and apps will no longer let you spend any money.

1. Trivia Crack

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Trivia Crack is a fun way for the family play together. Like Trivial Pursuit, answer questions from different categories. Your kids can play against one person by passing turns back and forth. For every turn you win, you get a character. The first person to collect them all wins the game. On family game night, everyone can log in and play a Challenge round. Up to 10 people answer the same questions and the person to get the most right answers in the least amount of time will win bragging rights. Kids will learn basic science, geography, entertainment and more. They can even access their creative side by submitting questions. Users can upvote or downvote questions and the ones with the most likes will appear more. Learn together in a fun and exciting way. The game is more suitable for older kids because you can’t set a difficulty level.

Download it here for Apple.


  • Good variety of questions
  • Can submit new questions
  • Families and friends can play together


  • Ads between games
  • Player has to wait after running out of lives
  • Can’t set difficulty level

2. My Coloring Book

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An incredibly simple way to keep kids of all ages occupied for awhile. Swipe through the available coloring pages to find ones that are incredibly simple or more complex, tap the paint palatte to choose a color then place it where you want it. Since there isn’t a menu or settings screen, kids won’t find themselves on a page they can’t get out of. All progress is saved automatically so if someone accidentally leaves the app nothing will be lost. In color mode, you can save your favorite pages, swipe through many different colors or clear everything and start again.Some of the spaces are quite small, so tiny fingers will do better on the more intricate designs.

Download it here for Apple.


  • Good variety of pictures to color
  • Simple controls
  • Many colors to choose from


  • Some pages are difficult to color
  • Small banner adds kids could click on
  • Certain spots are hard to fill in

3. Cut the Rope

free kids games, new kids apps, iphone apps for kids, Cut the Rope

Kids will learn problem solving with the help of a candy-loving alien named Om Nom. Figure out how to collect stars and get the little guy a snack. Pieces of candy hang from ropes and you have to cut the right ones so it falls into his mouth. The more levels you go through, the harder things get. Use bubbles to make the candy float or trampolines to make it bounce. Retry levels as many times as you need to get all the stars and move onto the next set of puzzles. When you first open the app, it will ask you your age and adjust the puzzles accordingly, but they will still strengthen and test critical thinking. Get rewarded for earning more stars and bringing Om Nom his favorite treat. This is the first in a series of Cut the Rope games, so once your kid finishes all the puzzles, the fun can continue. After retrying levels for the second time, the game will let you know if you’ve improved, encouraging kids to keep trying.

Download it here for Apple.


  • Many levels to play through
  • Difficult but interesting puzzles to solve
  • Cute animation makes it fun for kids to play


  • Ads during levels
  • Certain levels can be frustrating
  • Can’t access all the levels without buying the full version

4. Clumsy Ninja

free kids apps, new kids games, iphone games for kids, Clumsy Ninja

Not all ninjas are born agile, some need help to learn how to fight and sneak around. That’s where you come in. After a ninja’s girlfriend is kidnapped, he must train to one day fight the people that took her. Kids will learn how to help the clumsy ninja learn and grow through a series of tasks. Teach him how to fight a sandbag, jump on a trampoline and deflect flying fruit. The more he learns the closer he gets to his goal. People of all ages will love giving the little guy high fives after he does something right and picking him up when he falls. Players will learn how to support him and help him reach his goals. The entire version is free, but you will have to put the ninja to sleep before you can keep training.

Download it here for Apple.


  • Tasks are easy to accomplish and rewards are easy to see
  • Game saves progress even when app is deleted and downloaded again
  • Fun animation and storyline keep gameplay fun


  • Player has to wait for lives to refresh to keep training
  • Some tasks can feel repetitive
  • Users have to save up coins to buy new equipment

5. LEGO City My City

Lego City My City, free kids games, kids apps, iphone games for kids

There are a lot of LEGO games on the app store, but this one combines a racing, puzzles, strategy and a city building game. The game works between your phone and computer to create a full-featured game. On the phone play mini games like helping the police catch a robber, putting out a fire in a building or loading things onto trains. Take care of your city and earn coins for doing the work. From here your kid can move to the computer. Set up an account at LEGO My City online and here is where you build your city. Use the coins you earn playing the mini games to buy bigger and better buildings. The more you play the larger you can make your town and play around in it.

Download it here for Apple.


  • Works with your computer and phone
  • Good variation of games
  • No ads


  • Actions can get repetitive within mini games
  • Takes up a lot of space on phone
  • Need Wifi to switch between phone and computer
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