Showtime on Hulu: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

hulu plus, showtime, streaming content

Hulu shocked users yesterday when the website revealed Hulu Plus users can now access Showtime. We were wondering how the premium cable giant would respond to HBO Now, and we gotta say this is a great development.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Showtime announced a stand-alone streaming service that will be available July 12

showtime anytime, hulu plus, HBO Now

Showtime’s response to HBO Now was to just create its own streaming service that is available without a cable-subscription. The service will run the user $10.99 a month, $4 cheaper than the $14.99 for HBO. It will be released the day of the Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex premieres.

2. Hulu announced users can access Showtime content through its app

hulu plus, showtime anytime, premium streaming content, HBO Now

In an interesting twist, Hulu Plus users can watch Showtime shows and movies through the Hulu app, so you don’t have to switch between apps for different content. You can watch on any Hulu app, on your computer, mobile device, Apple TV or Roku. No need to download an extra app.

3. Hulu Plus users will still have to pay extra each month

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Your normal Hulu Plus subscription won’t give you access to Showtime, the premium content will run you $8.99 a month on top of your $7.99 for Hulu Plus, which comes to $16.99 for both. However, going through Hulu will save you $2 on a Showtime subscription.

4. Showtime content will be commercial free

hulu plus, showtime anytime, HBO Now

Hulu is famous for making you wait through commercials throughout shows, but staying true to the channel, all Showtime content will be commercial free. That’s what the extra $8.99/month gets you.

5. Get access free for 30 days

hulu plus, showtime anytime, HBO Now

Hulu is offering Showtime a free pass for 30 days, so you can try it before you buy it. Every Hulu Plus subscriber can watch free for a month before being asked to pay. That’s plenty of time to binge everything you need to before having to shell out the $9.

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