Turtle Beach Elite 800X Xbox One Headset Review: A Near Perfect Product for Audiophiles

Turtle Beach puts in a ton of work into its gaming headset product line. Recently, it has produced and released a pair of headphones that’s exclusive to Xbox One owners who’re looking for the best audio experience. The Elite 800X wireless headset arrives on the scene with rich features, rich sound and an overall design worthy of its namesake.

Unboxing The Elite 800XFor your viewing pleasure, here's a quick unboxing video to show what's in store when you get your hands on the brand new Elite 800X for Xbox One! ====================== Hit that SUBSCRIBE button! Stay in the know: facebook.com/turtlebeach twitter.com/turtlebeach instagram.com/turtlebeachpics turtlebeach.com2015-05-29T17:58:18.000Z

At 1st glance, the Elite 800X headset looks amazing. It offers the perfect representation for the current-gen console it’s exclusive to. This headset doesn’t look for that immediate shock and awe factor due to it not arriving with wild colors and extra bulkiness. It’s sleek design is noteworthy – it comes with green stripes on its side, wide ear cuffs and sweet looking speaker plates that can be swapped out for new Turtle Beach designs. The volume controls for your gaming and chat experiences are on the sides of its respective ear muff, which makes it simple to adjust on the fly.

Getting sucked into your current gaming marathon is so much easier to do thanks to the Elite 800x’s 7.1 channel surround sound. It’s awesome active noise cancellation option truly puts you into the zone for any game you’re playing. Throwing these bad boys on during intense sessions of Battlefield: Hardline and other explosive games of its ilk truly sounds amazing. Listening to the bullets whizzing by your head, grenades going off near your vehicle and in-game radio tunes in such an intense FPS sounds extremely better with the Elite 800X placed over your ears. Thanks to its Bluetooth option, the Elite 800x comes in handy for your other compatible devices as well.

Turtle Beach 800x Headset

This wireless headset comes with a large suite of audio options fine tuned to all types of game genres. Six preset game mode settings are on hand for the Elite 800X – Signature Sound (Turtle Beach’s default offering), shooter, racing, sports, Superhuman Hearing and Footstep Focus. Movie and music audio modes are also on hand, so there’s so many different methods offered to audiophiles who enjoy custom sound modes. When it comes to its chatting output, I noticed that I came through quite clear during loud multiplayer matches with my allies and during phone calls. On average, the Elite 800X lasts 10 hours. This headset model will provide you with hours of excellent game/chat audio for a respectable amount of time with no issues.

Buy the Turtle Beach Ear Force Elite 800X Premium Fully Wireless Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone.

One of the only complaints that I can throw at the Elite 800X is its far too snug fitting earmuffs. Putting this headset around your head and keeping it on for several hours will start to feel uncomfortable due to its tight fit. It also feels a bit heavier than its much lighter headset competitors out there. Its comfortability factor is decent at best, but its excellent audio output/input makes the Elite 800x worth dealing with for long periods of gameplay.


Turtle Beach Elite 800x

The Elite 800X is one of the finer Xbox One headsets on the market right now. It’s wonderful design, incredible 7.1. channel surround sound, huge suite of preset audio options, active noise cancellation and long shelf life make it a standout product. However, its overall feel doesn’t make it as comfortable as its appearance suggests. Overall though, the Elite 800X is an excellent headset model that, while pricey, is top of the line.


  • 7.1 channel surround sound quality is amazing
  • Wide variety of preset options help you adapt to all types of gaming experiences
  • Sleek design and noise canceling feature are two of its standout attributes


  • Headset feels a bit too snug & heavier than most other Xbox One headset models
  • Price tag may be a bit too steep for some

Our Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

Buy the Turtle Beach Ear Force Elite 800X Premium Fully Wireless Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone.

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