7 Free Apps That Will Change Your Life

Apps are incredibly useful for anything from finding great coupons to depositing your checks. Your phone is probably full of them, and they help you to accomplish some of the most important tasks. But did you know that the apps on your phone could actually help to change your life? You may not have heard of these apps, but they’re worth looking into for making life so much easier.

1. Find My Car

find my car app
We’ve all been there, lost in the parking lot, trying to remember where we parked our cars. The Find My Car app solves that problem. When activated, the app will show you where your car is on a map, and you can follow the map from there. If you aren’t great at reading maps, no problem. The app can offer landmarks and other visual information to get you to your destination.

2. Balanced

balanced app
This app has recently gained a lot of popularity lately, simply because it is so helpful for achieving goals directed towards overall wellness. Balanced goes beyond healthy eating and fitness tracking, though it does a great job at tracking those things if you choose. It also keeps track of goals for mental well-being and pushes you to do things you feel like you don’t do enough. It offers helpful reminders and tips for accomplishing these goals and staying on track with a healthier lifestyle all around. The best part is it’s entirely customizable to help you do what works for you, and not what works for others.

3. Calm

calm app
Any successful person will tell you that meditation, stillness, mindfulness, or all three are important parts of finding motivation, being productive, and feeling better about life. Calm is a meditative app that guides you into a state of mindfulness for however long you want. It’s surprising what a few moments of silence can do for your stress levels.

4. Moves

moves app
You could spend a couple of hundred dollars on the latest wearable fitness tracker, or you could download the free app Moves, which tracks your every move throughout the day. It collects the data and then separates them into categories, such as steps, cycling, running, sedentary, and more. If it’s somewhere on your person, it can help lead you to a healthier lifestyle by showing you just how active—or inactive—you are.

5. Swackett

swackett app
When you download the Swackett app, you’ll have not only a detailed weather summary, but you’ll also receive a guide suggesting the types of clothing, shoes, and accessories you need to wear or bring.  Never be caught in the rain unprepared again.

6. Coach.Me

coach.me app
This is the most affordable life coach in the world, and it fits in your pocket. Formerly known as Lift, Coach.Me helps you create customized goals and then offers helpful tools and suggestions for sticking with those goals. Whether you want to quit smoking or adopt a more positive attitude, this app can help you achieve your goal without someone always telling you what to do.

7. Around Me

aroundme app
When you’re in an unfamiliar place and you’re starving, the last thing you want to do is spend an hour driving around town to find a restaurant you like. Around Me eliminates that conundrum. It uses your location to create a list of amenities around you, including restaurants, banks, grocery stores, coffee shops, pharmacies, gas stations, and just about any other commercial restaurant you want. Wherever you want to go, this life-changing app will point you in the right direction.

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