How to Install Windows 10

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After the less-than positive reviews of Windows 8 and 9, people are excited but unsure about the release of Windows 10. Could it improve the things 8 and 9 made so frustrating or will it come with its own set of frustrations? Windows users can see for themselves Wednesday morning. Reviews are coming in and it seems improvements have been made, but you won’t know until you download it tomorrow. Here’s how:

Step 1: Reserve a copy of the upgrade. A Windows icon will appear on the right side of your taskbar on your device. Choose “Reserve free upgrade.” If you decide you don’t want to go through with downloading the upgrade, you can cancel it at anytime.

Step 2: On July 29, you’ll get a notification that says you can install. Install can take a little while and you will have to restart your computer, so start it at a time when you don’t need it right away.

Step 3: Explore Windows 10.

If you need with the new operating system, go to Windows to get tips and tricks.

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