10 Best Outdoor Waterproof Speakers: Your Buyer’s Guide

outdoor waterproof speakers

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What good is a Bluetooth speaker if it can’t go everywhere you do? Our list of the Best Bluetooth Speakers might include some of the best sounding cans, but many of these designer speakers could not survive the beating of a week-long hike. We’ve compiled a new list of speakers of brands that are built to last in outdoor environments.

These brands offer rugged outdoor speakers that can withstand drops, dust, and water while still delivering top quality sound when paired with your phone, tablet, mp3 player, or computer. These speakers are usually given an Ingress Protection Rating (IP) for how well they handle intrusion from solid objects (dust, dirt, rocks) and water in electrical enclosures. More information on this rating can be found here.

There is no rating for ruggedness, which is why we’ve gone and combined all three categories to come up with a list of the all-around best outdoor waterproof speakers for wet and wild adventures. Whether these speakers ride along on a dirtbike excursion, kayaking trip, or even through a dip in the shower, they will keep on bumping tunes until you say stop.

1. TDK Life on Record TREK Max A34

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Late last year, TDK reintroduced their new, improved model of their wildly successful A33 speaker from 2012. The TREX Max A34 continues TDK’s effort to make a better, more weatherproof speaker, and while it is bulky, the A34 is as rugged as it is beautiful. With dimensions of 9.5 x 2 x 3.8 inches and a weight of 2.7 pounds, it’s going to be a hefty addition to your hiking pack, but it makes for a worthwhile addition. The speaker’s IP64 rating means that its case will keep out even the finest of sands, and is water resistant but not capable of full submersion. Sound Guys explain more below.

Click here to watch a video review of this speaker here.

Durability is not the TREK Max’s only appeal though, as it also come equipped with two 1.5 inch audio drivers and two rear 3-inch passive radiators, which means a powerful, distortion-free sound. Its 15 Watt output isn’t the loudest, but fares well for outdoor listening. It produces a pretty strong bass sound (though it could be better given its size), punchy mids, and a detailed high end.

The TREK Max boasts about 8 hours of battery life. This is a little low compared to other speakers, but it does of the upside of being able to share its juice with a 1A USB charge out port that can be used to recharge phones, tablets, or other devices in a pinch. One downside to this is that it only charges via an AC adapter, so convenient USB charging isn’t an option for this speaker. Despite its shortcomings, the A34 is a stylish, rugged, and great-sounding speaker, and would make a great partner for a day hike or trip to the skate park.

Price: $129.99 (48 percent off MSRP)

Buy the TDK Life on Record TREK Max A34 here.


  • IP64 rating withstands any dust and water splashes
  • USB charge out port
  • Great audio quality


  • Heavier than it needs to be
  • Charges only via AC adapter (not USB)
  • 8 hour battery life

Find more TDK Life on Record TREK Max A34 information and reviews here.

Take a closer look at the TREK Max A34 at its best in various outdoor conditions in this photo gallery:

2. UE Megaboom

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(Simon’s Jamjar)

The Megaboom from Ultimate Ears is the colossal brother to their normal-sized UE Boom. Consequently, it’s also the sturdiest and most waterproof of the UE line, making it one of the best outdoor waterproof speakers. At 3.3 x 3.3 x 8.9 inches, its about the size of a Thermos water bottle, and at 1.9 pounds, is an equally valuable addition to any travel pack. Its weight provides plenty of heft to protect the cans when it is dropped, and the speaker has a quality rubber coating to absorb shock. The Megaboom even has a hook to attach a carabiner clip, allowing you to keep the music close to you and save on pack space if needed.

While its non-mega counterpart only has an IPX4 rating, the Megaboom is rated for IPX7, meaning that it can withstand full water immersion up to 1m in depth for 30 minutes. It even floats for some time before filling up with water, meaning if it falls into the pool, you don’t have to rush to get it.

So it will fare incredibly well at the beach or on a kayaking trip, but keep in mind that speakers of this rating are not 100% waterproof. And even though this speaker is not rated for protection against solid foreign objects, its attractive and durable mesh grille will keep out dust well enough to keep your speaker running. A demonstration of its water resistance capabilities can be seen below.

Click here to watch a video review of this speaker here.

On to the audio quality, this speaker offers 36 Watts of 360° sound, so you’ll get the full sonic spectrum from any direction, and it can get loud. Loudness is great outdoors, where there are few reflective surfaces to bounce the sound around, but the real high point is the Megaboom’s bright, crisp treble and balanced bass.

Some speakers like the Bose SoundLink Mini II get deeper bass than this speaker, but the upper bass register have a great punch to them and no distortion even at the highest volumes. Some of the features of the included app enhance the sound further, including the Double Up mode which allows you to combine the power of two speakers, and an EQ feature that can help find the right frequency balance for any song. With a 20 hour battery life, the tunes can keep coming for almost a full day, too, making this a worthwhile speaker to bring along camping.

Price: $299.99

Buy the UE Megaboom here.


  • IPX7 rating withstands full immersion up to 1m for 30 minutes
  • Loud, balanced 36W sound
  • 20 hour battery life


  • Not rated for dust protection
  • High price tag
  • Poor feedback on the volume buttons.

Find more UE Megaboom information and reviews here.

3. ECOXGEAR Eco Stone

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ECOXGEAR is a company whose products are designed to be rugged and reliable in even the most hostile outdoor conditions. The Eco Stone is one such speaker that combines this durability with amazing waterproof capabilities and a great sound to match. Not only is the Eco Stone IPX7 rated to withstand water submersion, but its hefty 2.7 pound casing floats with ease in water, allowing it to exceed this rating altogether.

You never have to worry about this speaker sinking to a depth it can’t withstand, which means you can really take it anywhere without worrying. Again, it does not have a rating for dust protection, but according to the manufacturer, it could withstand a sandstorm in a desert with temperatures up to 140°. With its thick plastic casing making up a large portion of its 3.7 x 10.1 x 5 inch dimensions, that’s a figure I am willing to bet on. Its water resistance and ability to float are demonstrated below.

Click here to watch a video review of this speaker here.

As expected of an outdoor speaker, the Eco Stone can deliver audio at amazingly high volumes. Its dual 3.5-inch drivers offer a total of 24 Watts of power, which when combined with a rear 4-inch passive radiator, create a deep and rich sound at any volume.

The rounded bass and crisp highs lend well to playing at maximum volume, which is already what you want in the thick of some action. The bass frequency response is a little on the low side for the side of this speaker’s drivers, but this might only be an issue for truly bass-heavy tracks.

This speaker has a 1/4-inch camera style threading mount, meaning the Eco Stone can ride along on a handlebar mount or universal adhesive mount when biking or boating. And although its weight can make it a bit of a challenge to bring on longer expeditions, its sheer utility makes it worthwhile, as the speaker has a built-in LED light and USB charge out port to provide vision and extra power to phones or GPS units.

With the Eco Stone’s 12 hour battery life, you have enough extra power in its separate 2,800mAh power bank to keep this and another device going all day. The amount of value in this speaker is incredible, and with everything it has to offer, it can meet a variety of needs.

Price: $97.98 (35 percent off MSRP)

Buy the ECOXGEAR Eco Stone here.


  • IPX7 rating and floating design
  • LED light and charge out port
  • 24W speakers are crisp and loud


  • Not rated for dust protection
  • On the heavy side
  • Limited bass frequency response

Find more ECOXGEAR Eco Stone information and reviews here.

4. Inateck MercuryBox

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The Inateck MercuryBox is a small, attractive speaker that merges style with functionality. At 6.4 x 2.5 x 1.1 inches and 8.8 ounces, this speaker is incredibly portable and easy to take along in a pocket.

Its light weight comes as a surprise given the durable aluminum casing, which has thus far survived anything I’ve thrown at the sample speaker I was given to review. The speaker has 15 hours of battery life, which makes it even easier to keep with you throughout the day. Like many high quality speakers, it comes with a lanyard and leather carrying case too.

In addition, the speaker is IPX5, which means it can stand up against, splashes, concentrated jets of water, and excessive air moisture particularly well, but cannot be fully immersed in water. However, a YouTube reviewer in the video below shows us that the IPX5 rating is good for more than it gives itself credit. As further testament to the MercuryBox’s convenience, it continues to be my go-to shower speaker because of its small size and solid sound even when bogged down by a stream of water.

Click here to watch a video review of this speaker here.

The MercuryBox is powered by two 5 Watt speakers that provide an excellent sound spectrum, from lows to highs. The speaker hits hardest in the mids and high-mids, with solid clarity in the high end, but because of its size, this speaker won’t deliver that much bass. If lots of bass if what you’re looking for, a larger, more expensive speaker will be the way to go, but otherwise, this speaker brings an amazing price at a value that is hard to beat.

These speakers get fairly loud as well, but given that the volume can distort at its highest levels, they cannot fill up open air as well as larger speakers. With the versatility that its sleek form factor offers, this is a great speaker to use when bouncing between outdoor adventures and indoor leisure time.

Price: $54.99 (58 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Inateck MercuryBox here.


  • IPX5 rating resists water jets, large splashes, and rain
  • 15 hour battery life
  • Rugged aluminum casing
  • Compact form factor


  • Not rated for dust protection
  • 6 Watt speakers do not get particularly loud
  • Slight sound distortion at highest volumes
  • Speakerphone ringer sound is too harsh

Find more Inateck MercuryBox information and reviews here.

5. Fugoo Tough

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(Android Guys)

The Fugoo Tough, with its fiber-reinforced resin body and solid aluminum jacket, stands up as one of the toughest speakers around, and may well be one of the best sounding as well. At 4 x 7 x 9 inches and 1.4 pounds in its case, this speaker can receive a surprising beating.

Its replaceable protective jacket is the key to its great shock absorption, but even without this case, the speaker has an impressive IP67 rating. Its 6 rating for solids means that it offers complete protection from dust, and its 7 rating for liquids means that it can withstand full immersion up to 1m deep in water. In a video from Snazzy Labs, it even survives a drop test with stunning results.

Click here to watch a video review of this speaker here.

You may be surprised to find that beneath this heavy build, the Fugoo Tough can deliver 360° sound via six drivers on four sides. The full speaker set delivers a solid sound with present mids and a clean high end. Despite a reported max volume of 95dB (following a firmware update), this is not the loudest speaker out there, especially given the minor distortion that dampens the higher volume levels.

Across all volume levels, the bass comes in a little weaker, but this is something that plagues just about any speakers of this size. While a low maximum volume can hinder its uses in loud environments, it is also part of what enables this speaker to have an unbelievable 40 hour battery life.

With over a full day of battery life at your disposal, the Fugoo Tough is one of the best choices for a speaker to take camping. However, a suite of accessories including a bike mount, strap mount, a remote control, and a mount that adds a hook for a carabiner all give it the ability to go on other types of excursions as well.

Though while these accessories are nice to have, but would have been great bundled with given it the price of the speaker. That is not to say that this speaker is not worth the money though, as the durability and long-lasting battery are two features that you will be hard-pressed to find in other outdoor Bluetooth speakers.

Price: $229.99

Buy the Fugoo Tough here.


  • IP67 protects from liquid immersion and dust intrusion
  • 40 hour battery life
  • Replaceable aluminum jacket protects from shock


  • High price tag
  • Max volume could be higher
  • Accessory suite not included

Find more Fugoo Tough information and reviews here.

6. Braven BRV-X

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(Digital Trends)

The Braven BRV-X stands out as one of few speakers that holds up in both indoor and outdoor use. It is IPX7 certified to withstand water immersion up to 1m in depth, while offering a dynamic sound system that can adapt to the space its in. Wherever it goes, the BRV-X will handle anything thrown at it, as it has a shock-resistant rubber coating that allows it deflect most drops and falls.

It is easily brought along at 3.6 x 9 x 3 inches and 1.5 pounds, and some users might find it particularly handy that it comes with a detachable carrying strap. For those who don’t dig the strap, the hooks it connects to are large enough for a small carabiner clip, which may be a little bit easier if you have a backpack.

On the topic of sound, Braven doesn’t list any info on their tech specs, but delivers a great sound. This speaker is capable of getting deep low end, which is a nice change of pace when it comes to small speakers. Its mids are clear and rounded, though the high end of the speaker can be a little harsh.

The coolest aspect of this speaker’s sound is that it has an indoor/outdoor switch that optimizes the speaker output for different listening environments. Its indoor mode naturally delivers a rich, warm bass sound, while the outdoor mode reduces the low frequency slightly to enable higher decibel levels and better clarity in an open space. Below, we hear from Sound Guys on the quality of this speaker.

Click here to watch a video review of this speaker here.

The sound only gets better when using the TrueWireless feature, which allows you to combine the power of two BRV-X’s simultaneously for an expanded stereo sound. Another solid feature is that this speaker can share some of its 12 hour battery life with other devices that charge from its A1 USB charge out port, such as an iPhone.

This speaker also has a battery indicator, which can help ration out power for a longer trip. It does require an AC adapter to charge rather than a USB charger, which is always inconvenient, but this aside, there is little else to ask of this powerful speaker.

Price: $166.98 (17 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Braven BRV-X here.


  • Deep lows and present mids in audio
  • IPX7 rating withstands full immersion up to 1m
  • Indoor/outdoor audio modes


  • Not rated for dust protection
  • Requires an AC adapter to charge
  • Larger than it needs to be

Find more Braven BRV-X information and reviews here.

7. G-Project G-Drop

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(Busted Wallet)

G-Project Gear’s line of outdoor speakers is at its most rugged with the compact G-Drop, which is only 4.6 x 4.6 x 2.8 inches and less than 1 pound. While the smaller G-Tube‘s IPX5 rating only makes it good for use in a shower or kitchen, the G-Drop is IPX7 rated and can be fully submerged up to 1m deep for up to 30 minutes.

Although its circular design can feel a little weird in the hands, this speaker is most at home floating face up in a pool for all to hear. Alternatively, this speaker does have a convenient clip for mounting to bikes, and backpacks, or for just hanging it from a tree branch.

The G-Drop is durable enough to be taken anywhere thanks to its elastomer coating that keeps dust and sand out of the casing. It also absorbs shock well, and houses the integrated music controls. A weak point of the durable design, however, is the grille, which does not seem quite as durable as the hard rubber edge. The cord protection cover is very durable compared to other waterproof seals of the same price.

Click here to watch a video review of this speaker here.

When it comes to the music, the G-Drop’s 2.5 inch driver produces a pretty respectable sound. The speaker is balanced across the frequency spectrum, but at high volumes the speaker will distort some. There is also an EQ button that toggles between two modes. The default mode is a flat, even sound that does not favor the high or low end, while the second mode boosts the mid and mid-bass frequencies, which really lets the passive radiator do its work.

This works similar to the indoor/outdoor mode of the BRV-X, as the default mode will sound better outside where there is little to reflect off of. On either setting, the G-Drop delivers a surprisingly clear sound for the price, and this speaker definitely makes a solid companion for outdoor excursions.

Price: $49.99

Buy the G-Project G-Drop here.


  • IPX7 rating and floating design
  • Full integrated controls
  • Rugged elastomer coating


  • 6 hour battery life
  • Odd form factor
  • Grille is a weak point for durability

Find more G-Project G-Drop information and reviews here.

8. Omaker M4

bluetooth speakers, waterproof bluetooth speaker, outdoor bluetooth speakers, omaker, omaker m4


Omaker’s M4 is one of the best-selling waterproof speakers on Amazon for a reason. Its small form factor and small weatherproofing make it one of the best outdoor waterproof speakers in its price range.

This speaker is a compact 1.8 inches x 3.2 inches x 3.2 inches and 8.2 ounces, and can easily fit into a pocket or backpack for full portability.

This speaker also has an IP54 rating, which means it is just short of fully dust tight, and is water resistant, but not rated for submersion. This means that the M4 can handle hikes and bike rides like there’s no tomorrow, but around water it is limited to the sidelines.

Omaker’s 3 Watt speaker produces more volume than one would expect for its size, but it still only gets loud enough for what one might call personal listening. The M4 also provides a fairly decent frequency spread, but the bass will only be as much as a 2.5-inch driver can handle (not much). Also appropriate to the size, the speaker’s highs are rich, if not a little too harsh. Again, for a pocket-sized speaker, the M4 delivers way more than what is expected of it, and that’s always a huge plus.

Click here to watch a video review of this speaker here.

One more really fantastic feature of this speaker is its 12 hour battery life, which means this speaker can hold out for some longer hikes and day trips. The Omaker also offers many features seen by the rest on this list without coming even close to the same price. So you’ll still be getting NFC tapping, speakerphone calling, and a 3.5mm audio jack, although the audio jack is not positioned well enough to get the best sound, which is a frustration. Issues like this are easy to overlook though, as cheap, great sounding speakers are something that can make anyone’s life better.

Price: $34.99 (50 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Omaker M4 here.


  • IP54 rating handles dust and water splashes
  • Highly compact form factor
  • Low price tag


  • Waterproofing could be improved
  • 3W speakers do not produce the best
  • 3.5mm jack recessed too deeply

Find more Omaker M4 information and reviews here.

9. OontZ Angle PLUS

bluetooth speakers, waterproof bluetooth speaker, outdoor bluetooth speakers, oontz, oontz angle, oontz angle plus


An update from the original OontZ Angle, the OontZ Angle PLUS is a larger, better sounding, and more durable portable speaker that’s available at a reasonable price.

It weighs 12 ounces and is 6 x 3 x 3 inches around, so it can fit into larger pockets, or just throw it in a travel bag. The OontZ’s silicon rubber trim helps keep the speaker firmly in place, and will absorb some shock, but is not particularly durable. The small size and light weight will mean this speaker can still travel in a bag free from harm, but not stand up to repeated drops as well as other speakers.

That said, the speaker is IPX5, which means it can stand up against, splashes, concentrated jets of water, and excessive air moisture particularly well, but cannot be fully immersed in water. That means this speaker works excellent poolside, in the shower, or at the beach, but unfortunately not in the water. At this price point, there are few speakers out there who can handle wet conditions better, so this is something to keep in mind as well. This speaker also has an impressive 15 hour battery life, which further adds to its value.

Click here to watch a video review of this speaker here.

When it comes to sound, you can’t expect too much from 6 Watt speakers, but the OontZ ANgle PLUS has a sophisticated balance between its lows, mids, and highs. The mids pack a proper punch, while the bass naturally suffers from the small size of the speakers, even with the handy bass mat.

Compared to its previous version, the Angle PLUS rounds out its low end much better, and it also gets 20% louder as well. Nobody will be surprised to find that this speaker doesn’t stack up against some twice its size and price, but this difference given, it is ultimately the OontZ Angle PLUS’ great sound quality that makes it such a great deal.

Price: $34.99 (65 percent off MSRP)

Buy the OontZ Angle PLUS here.


  • IPX5 rating resists water jets, large splashes, and rain
  • 15 hour battery life
  • Compact form factor


  • Waterproofing could be improved
  • Not particularly rugged
  • 6W speakers do not get particularly loud

Find more OontZ Angle PLUS information and reviews here.

10. Aukey SK-M4

bluetooth speakers, waterproof bluetooth speaker, outdoor bluetooth speakers, aukey, aukey sk-m4

(Matt Malmlund)

Aukey’s SK-M4 is a compact and highly rugged Bluetooth speaker that can easily go anywhere. Its chunky rubber tire design helps absorb shock from drops, and its sturdy metal handle allows it to be easily clipped onto a backpack.

The simple three-button setup blended into the tire pattern well, and took me a minute to find and figure out. But once I did, they made it easy to perform tasks like changing the volume, skipping tracks, enabling speakerphone mode, and syncing. All but the tracking and volume is handled with a multi-function button that offers a surprising amount of versatility — you can even use as a remote when taking photos.

The SK-M4 is IPX4 rated, which means it is protected from splashing from all directions, but not full submersion. Regardless, I took the above picture recently when I brought my SK-M4 that I was given to review along kayaking, and the speaker stood up against splashing from my oars as well as the water that collected in the bottom of the cockpit. And though this speaker is not rated for dust protection, its sturdy casing seems to offer adequate protection from dirt and the likes in my experience.

When it comes to audio, Aukey’s smallest outdoor Bluetooth speaker delivers a surprising amount of sound. Highs flourish clearly through a single 3W driver, while mids are admittedly on the softer side. For a small speaker, bass is satisfactory, but definitely leaves something to be desired compared to a speaker with a dedicated sub.

One major flaw in the audio quality of this speaker is the directional nature of the sound. The hard plastic casing of this speaker is sorely missing a passive radiator, so the speaker sounds muffled from any direction but head-on. This can be a problem if you are hanging it from a bag, but max volume still gets impressively loud without causing any distortion.

Its 6 hour battery life is adequate, but could be better. It is nice that the speaker charges quickly via Micro USB, but a speaker that hopes to be your primary outdoor companion should at least be able to last through a work week. All in all, if you are looking for something small, rugged, and loud, the SK-M4 won’t disappoint.

Price: $29.99 (50 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Aukey SK-M4 here.


  • IPX4 Rating
  • Compact and rugged form factor
  • High max volume without distortion


  • Highly Directional Sound
  • 6 hour battery life could be better
  • Could be more waterproof

Find more Aukey SK-M4 information and reviews here.

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