Top 5 Best iPad Pro Accessories

The new iPad Pro is here, with a 12.9 inch screen and a powerful processor. It’s looking like a great tool for business, design, and even gaming. But as impressive as the iPad Pro looks, you’ll still want to pick up a few key accessories to enhance your iPad experience. We have a few unexpected suggestions, beyond the obvious iPad Pro accessories (such as that cool Smart Keyboard that Apple is offering). Planning on buying a new iPad Pro? Here are five of the best iPad Pro accessories. Enhance your tablet experience with these thoughtful extras.

1. Inateck 13-13.3-Inch MacBook Sleeve


The new iPad Pro is so large, it will actually fit comfortably in a lot of existing 13-inch MacBook accessories. One great example is this cool sleeve with carrying handle. It’s a fairly thin carrying sleeve, so your iPad Pro shouldn’t rattle around too much in there, particularly if you end up getting a hard protective case for it.

Price: $19.99 (46 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Inateck 13-13.3-Inch MacBook Sleeve here.

2. Pencil Digital Stylus for iPad


Apple’s own “Apple Pencil” looks like a great stylus, but it may not be the best tool for every project. Another high-end stylus you’ll want to check out is the Pencil from FiftyThree. It has a tapered tip for a wide range of writing, drawing, and shading angles. The Pencil feels natural and balanced in your hand, and it can be used to create really subtle art thanks to special surface pressure, erase, and blend settings. Bluetooth pairing is painless, and the Pencil runs for a month before needing a top-up charge. The battery can be slid out and recharged on any standard USB port in under 90 minutes. Pencil and Apple Pencil have a lot of similar features, but some users may find the style and grip of Pencil better suits their hand. The Pencil is available in walnut, gold, or graphite finishes.

Price: $59.95

Buy the Pencil Digital Stylus for iPad & iPhone here.

3. Jackery Mini Portable Battery Pack


The Jackery Mini has a 3200mAh battery, so it will add a decent amount of juice to any drained iPad Pro, or other iOS device. It’s small enough that you can easily stick it in a pocket, purse, or carry-on. Jackery also makes larger battery packs, if you anticipate that all those new iPad Pro features will really run down your battery. One big Jackery pack we like is the Jackery Giant+ 12000mAh charger. Whichever model you chose, Jackery is a trusted brand, and their phone chargers come in a variety of fun colors to allow you the ability to showcase your personality.

Price: $16.95 (76 percent off)

Buy the Jackery Mini Portable Battery Pack here.

4. Cooler Master Comforter Lap Desk With Pillow Cushion

(Cooler Master)

The larger form factor of the iPad Pro may mean that you need new accessories to help you work more ergonomically. This lap desk gives you a place to lean your iPad Pro while working in tablet mode, or while using the new Smart Keyboard. An additional $5 off rebate is available for a limited time. You can get more info on that rebate via the link below.

Price: $19.95 (35 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Cooler Master Comforter Lap Desk With Pillow Cushion here.

5. Targus CleanVu Cleaning Pads for iPad


If you’re like me, you get kind of OCD after a new Apple device comes into your house. For the first few months, you’ll be meticulous about cleaning your iPad Pro, and keeping it fingerprint-free. One great tool for the job is the CleanVu pad. They’re also very cheap, so you can buy a few of them and keep them stashed at home, in your office, in the bedroom, or in the car.

Price: $2.99 (60 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Targus CleanVu Cleaning Pads for iPad here.

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