Nicole McCullough, Peeple App Founder: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nicole McCullough Peeple

Nicole McCullough and Julia Cordray founded Peeple. (Facebook)

Nicole McCullough is the more mysterious co-founder of the highly controversial new app, Peeple, that lets users rate other people. She and Julia Cordray created the app together. The app hasn’t yet been released, but it’s already gaining a huge following of fans and haters. The app lets you rate and comment about people you know personally. You must log in to the app with your Facebook account, post your ratings publicly, and have the person’s phone number before you can review them.

Here’s what you need to know about McCullough.

1. She’s a Mother of Two and Wanted Help Finding a Babysitter

Nicole McCullough Peeple

Nicole McCullough is pictured here (right) with Cordray, fellow co-founder of Peeple. (Facebook)

McCullough has stayed mostly out of the spotlight and out of media interviews when it comes to Peeple. But she did say that her reason behind wanting to create the app is because, as a mother of two young children, she wanted a way to know who she could trust with her kids, The Washington Post reported. She and Cordray have referred to each other as best friends, not just co-founders.

2. Her App Has Come Under Huge Criticism For Not Being Opt-In Only

Peeple has come under a huge amount of criticism since news about the app launched. The app lets you rate other people, and users can create a profile and a positive or negative review for anyone they have a phone number for. You can’t use the app anonymously, however; your reviews must be tied to your Facebook account and any bullying will get the user and the review removed, The Washington Post reported. Some sources say that negative reviews can only be deleted if the reviews break terms of service, and others say that negative reviews will only be made public if you log into Peeple yourself and start rating others. Cordray has said on Facebook that they are listening to critics and may allow people to opt out of having their profiles on the app, but many people are clamoring to make being part of the app at all an “opt-in” option only.

3. McCullough’s Been Part of a Web Series About the App With Her Co-Founder

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To help generate interest in Peeple, McCullough and Cordray put together a web series on YouTube documenting the app’s founding and creation. They refer to themselves as empathetic, caring female entrepreneurs and say the app will help people be more conscientious about how they approach the world and interact with others, Metro reported.

4. She’s Stayed Mostly Out of the Spotlight Since News About the App Broke

Nicole McCullough Peeple

Cordray and McCullough describe themselves as best friends. (Facebook)

McCullough has worked hard to stay out of the spotlight since news about Peeple broke. Her Facebook page is under lockdown with very little open to the public, she doesn’t appear to have a Twitter account, and her Google Plus account only has a few references to visiting libraries and enjoying sunny days. It’s even Cordray who appears as the profile photo for Peeple on Facebook, without McCullough. McCullough does appear in their YouTube video series.

5. The Comments on Social Media So Far Have Not Been Kind

Nicole McCullough Peeple

McCullough has stayed mostly out of the spotlight when it comes to Peeple. (Google Plus/McCullough)

Online reactions to Peeple have been incredibly harsh. On Facebook, commenters are going so far as to leave negative reviews and numbered ratings on each of Cordray and McCullough’s photos on the Peeple Facebook page. On Twitter, the reactions aren’t much better. Here are just a few comments that have been left.

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