Is Aurous Shut Down Permanently?


Aurous is shut down permanently. (Aurous)

Aurous, a music-streaming site that was coined “the Popcorn Time of music,” has been shut down permanently. After being hit with a lawsuit by the RIAA, the free streaming app has shut its doors.

Aurous used public APIs to gather tracks from services like SoundCloud and Spotify, and then streamed them through peer-to-peer services, The Verge reported. Aurous was originally going to fight the lawsuit, saying that they weren’t profiting because the service was ad-free. But the goal was short-lived and the app has now permanently shut down, as revealed in this Tweet:

Aurous settled the lawsuit with the RIAA for $3 million, TorrentFreak reported. The settlement includes a permanent injunction that the founders can’t commit any more acts of copyright infringement, along with signing over the Aurous domain and all intellectual property. It’s unknown if there are any alternatives, although some users on Reddit have suggested The service is very different, however, because it only pulls music from YouTube, according to the Reddit thread.

TorrentFreak reported that Cary Sherman, Chairman & CEO of RIAA, had this to say about the lawsuit:

Aurous appropriately agreed to shut down. It was the right thing to do. We hope this sends a strong signal that unlicensed services cannot expect to build unlawful businesses on the backs of music creators…”

Andrew Sampson, Aurous’ creator, isn’t too happy about the outcome. He’s been tweeting some angry messages today:

He also posted a blog, where he wrote that the outcome of U.S. courts is all about who can spend the most money. He added that he was concerned this would “open up other websites and services to attack.”

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