WATCH: Twitch Viewers Control a Painting Robot Livestream


Starting at 9 am PST/11 am CST, and running for 36 hours, anyone in the world can take part in a crowdsourced robot painting. A robot will be painting live on, controlled only by Internet visitors’ chat commands. The livestream of the robot painting is above and will start at 9 am PST. If the livestream link is down for any reason, or if you want to see all the chat instructions, go to this link.

The robot can move around the canvas and raise and move the brush it’s holding. All you have to do is enter the coordinates of where you want the brush to go next, relative to its current position. For example, you might write “up 500 right 3000 brush 50” or “draw up 5000 right 5000” for a diagonal line. Every second, the robot averages all the X, Y, and Z coordinates sent to it and follows the command.

At the end of 36 hours, the painting will be auctioned on eBay, with proceeds going to Watsi is a charity that lets you donate to the healthcare needs of individuals around the world. For more information on how the crowdsourced painting will work, see the Instapainting explanation here. Instapainting’s robot has done this crowdsourced project once before, founder Chris Chen explained. Last time, people wrote scripts in real time to control the robot. This time, the process has been simplified to let web visitors without scripting knowledge control the robot.

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