How to Block the ‘Be Like Bill’ Facebook Meme

The "Be Like Bill" meme is sweeping across Facebook and you may have seen it pop up on your feed quite a few times already. It also tends to be a very passive-aggressive meme, so not everyone is enjoying it very much. The meme is basically a place to share stick figure photos saying what you "don't do" on Facebook that you really don't think anyone else should do either. For example, it might say: "Bill doesn't need a selfie stick, he just uses his arm. Bill is smart. Be like Bill." The meme is run by a Blobla generator app on Facebook. What this means for you is that if you don't want to see the meme anymore on your Facebook page, you can block it. In fact, it's very simple to block the meme forever. (Unless another generator comes along that does the same thing.) Click through the gallery to find out how you can block the Be Like Bill meme, step by step. (Facebook/Be Like Bill)

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