Apple News & Rumors, Feb. 10: Streaming TV & Hackable Macs

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Apple rumors and news for February 10. (Getty)

What are the latest Mac rumors for February 10? What is Apple developing and is there any new news connected to the March product launch? These are the latest rumors and news for Apple for February 10. They include a possible TV streaming service, a security vulnerability that could let your Mac be hijacked, and an iPad Air 3.

Here’s what you need to know.

Apple May Be Looking at a Streaming TV Service

Apple may be moving its content-delivery service in-house, 9to5 Mac reported. This means that when you download or stream content from Apple, such as an app, an OS X update, or Apple Music, that content could soon be delivered through Apple’s own service rather than the third party companies it’s been using. This, combined with reports that Apple is securing deals with NFL Thursday Night football and ESPN. Rumors of an Apple streaming TV service have been around for awhile, but new developments are making it seem more likely.

Mac Apps May Have Security Vulnerability

Many Mac apps could be open to security attacks because of a vulnerability in a previous version of Sparkle, a third-party software framework that many apps use for updates, Ars Technica reported. The Sparkle Updater framework connects over HTTP rather than HTTPS. This vulnerability was updated, but not all apps have implemented this update yet. The vulnerability allows attackers to inject malicious code or take control of another computer on the network, 9to5 Mac reported. Vulnerable apps could include Camtasia, DuetDisplay, Sketch, and uTorrent, among many others. The blog at this link describes how to detect a vulnerable application on OS X.

iPad Air 3 May Be Announced Soon

Apple is having a big product launch in March, which is unusual for its typical cycle. Rumors are rampant that one of the new products in this launch could be an iPad Air 3. This would be an updated 9.7 inch iPad with a faster processor, possible LED flash for the rear camera, and a compatible keyboard and stylus, The Motley Fool reported.

And In Other Apple News:

Apple Pay was down for seven hours earlier today, 9to5 Mac reported, but the issue only affected Visa cards. Apple says the issue is now resolved, but it’s not known what caused the problem.

Law firms are considering Error 53 lawsuits, The Guardian reported. They’re looking into a class action suit based on a software upgrade that permanently disables iPhone 6 handsets if the touch ID and/or home button isn’t the original or was replaced by a third-party vendor rather than Apple.

Apple Music will be available on Sonos wireless speakers starting tomorrow, MacRumors reported. This can be done by selecting “Add Music Services” from a Sonos controller app.

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